Simple Feng Shui interior design tips to enhance your love life

When it comes to creating some sizzle at home with your partner, the role of Feng Shui, colours and textures can not be overstated. 

Colour influences our emotions, moods and overall health and wellness, so it stands to reason that it can also help to improve our love life at home.

There is a strong relationship between home interior design and our moods because humans respond emotionally to the designs, smells, furnishing, surfaces and items in their homes.  

Good interior design should be customised to each person’s individual history and taste. 

A well designed interior can create a space that feels welcoming, comforting and relaxing. 

Factors such as soft shapes, natural materials and good lighting all work together to boost your mood.  

On the contrary, mistakes in decoration such as bad lighting and choosing the wrong colours, can have the opposite effect on your mood leading to sadness, anxiety and an angry household.

The ancient art of Feng Shui also provides important guidance on the different energies that exist in the home and one of the most important is love. 

Feng Shui principles can help to enhance and  harmonise the energy of love through the right choice in colours.

The energy of love provides a feeling of calm, tranquillity, peace and serenity.  

There are also other tactics you can use through lighting, sound, smell and texture to emphasise the feeling of warmth,  passion and seduction.

Mood lighting

Lighting is perhaps one of the most important aspects of interior design. 

The right lighting has the ability to change the perception and temperature of a room.

To create a more sensual feel in your home, opt for floor lamps and table lamps with warm hues, and when selecting bulbs, opt for warm lighting.

Warm lighting creates a feeling of comfort and warmth, with the hue-heat hypothesis stating that low colour temperatures will feel warmer while higher colour temperatures will feel cooler.

When creating a more loved-up feeling, you will definitely need to increase the amount of warm lamp lighting through your home.

Add red to your home

In Feng Shui, the colour red represents fire and passion.  

Symbolic of one of the strongest elements in nature, the colour red should be used with great thought and care as it is a very powerful colour that can overshadow other energies.

The best way to incorporate red into your home is to place small objects around the room such as a candle on a side table, some art pieces on the walls with red tones, throw cushions on the lounge or floor, a bowl of apples on the kitchen counter, or a vase of red flowers on the sideboard.

Red can be added in a very considered way without impacting the overall interior design of the home.    

If you are already in a relationship, adding more of the colour red around your home can help to rekindle some of its energy and ignite a fresh spark of passion. 

In addition to its amorous role, red also symbolises warmth and good luck. 

You may want to bring these energies into your home by choosing objects that have other symbolic meanings like a pair of decorative red butterflies, a stained-glass panel, or a lamp with a red bulb.

Kurved by Design Founder Kellie Richardson.


Fabrics are a great way to create a seductive atmosphere.  

Plush scatter cushions in deep red with velvet fabrics are a great way to make a sensual statement. 

Placed on the bed, lounges and the floor, they make a space look much more inviting.

Leather also has a great effect. Don’t underestimate this finish when focusing on décor.  

Leather on chairs, sofas or ottomans can be soft and supple. In deep rich colours it can draw attention in a room and create warmth.

Sensual art

Art is a very powerful tool for creating moods in the home and you can arouse feeling through your choice and placement of art.   

Black and white photography, charcoal figure drawings or beautiful and exotic curves found in paintings can all add an element of sensuality to your space.

Depending on your style and mood, you can completely change the atmosphere of your home with art.  

Along with different aromas such as scented candles, you can turn your home into a sensual environment of love and seduction.

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