School girls hang out of moving Rolls Royce’s sunroof [Video]

Sunroofs were once a feature offered exclusively with premium and luxury cars. However, this feature has become so popular that many manufacturers now even offer it in lower segment models. It has become so popular that it can actually make or break a deal for many car buyers. We have seen several videos from different parts of the country where sunroofs on cars are being misused. Here, we have another video in which two girls are seen standing out of the sunroof of a moving car. You might wonder which car they are in; it is a Rolls Royce Ghost luxury sedan.

The video has been uploaded by Pushpak Mhatre on their YouTube channel. In this video, we see two girls, probably wearing school uniforms, standing out of the sunroof of the Rolls Royce sedan. The video doesn’t provide exact details about the location where the car was spotted. However, judging from the registration number, it appears to be somewhere in Mumbai. The video shows two girls standing out of the sunroof of this luxury sedan. While we’ve seen people do such things on many cars in the past, this is the first time such behavior has been seen on a Rolls Royce car.

The car is being driven on public roads, and the girls are enjoying the view outside. We’ve mentioned in many of our previous articles that a sunroof is not meant for standing out of. In fact, it is illegal to do so. Law enforcement officers in many states take action against violators. The car seen in the video is a Rolls Royce Ghost luxury sedan. We can see the car passing through busy Mumbai roads with the girls standing out of the sunroof. The comments section of the video is filled with mixed comments. Some of them discuss the irresponsible behavior, while others suggest that most of the negative comments come from jealousy.

Girl’s standing out of Rolls Royce’s sunroof

It should be noted that the act performed by both girls in the video is not legal. Karnataka and Kolkata have already made standing out of a sunroof illegal. Doing such things on a moving car is considered dangerous because the occupants pose a threat to themselves as well as other road users. If the driver of the Rolls Royce car were to apply sudden brakes, both girls standing out of the roof would lose their balance, and they might either fall down or hit their heads hard on the roof or windshield.

In either case, they would be seriously injured. It is not clear whether the girls were simply standing out of the sunroof or if they were recording a video for social media (which is actually a trend now). Sunroofs are primarily designed to facilitate air circulation in vehicles. Many people still do not know how to use the sunroof correctly, and that’s why they often end up standing out of it. Keeping the windows open while driving at high speeds can lead to direct airflow into the eyes, potentially causing issues. On the other hand, sunroofs are designed to recirculate the air within the vehicle without significant wind disturbance.

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