Sathorn Unique Tower: This Abandoned Skyscraper's Eerie Story Includes an Assassination Plot and More

A drone shows what the top of the tower looks like while highlighting the trash, graffiti, and weeds that have come to define the interiors of the building.

Photo: Stephen J. Boitano/Getty Images

Now 26 years on, Sathorn Unique Tower remains unfinished and abandoned: The façade is marked by graffiti and ads, while the interiors are home to bats, weeds, birds, and garbage. The site has become something of a pilgrimage site for urban explorers, free climbers, and adventure seekers, though entering the building has been illegal since 2014. “When we were on the rooftop, it felt almost like we were at the top of a mountain, but instead of being surrounded by nature, we were surrounded by a city with a population of over 9 million,” one blogger wrote of the climbing the structure.

State Tower, the sister building to Sathorn Unique Tower, stands completed.

Photo: Frank van den Bergh/Getty Images

According to Insider, many believe the building is haunted, particularly the 43rd floor, where a backpacker’s body was found in 2014. Both this and its neglected state have earned it an appropriate nickname: Ghost Tower. Perhaps most eerie, however, isn’t Sathorn Unique Tower, but the finished State Tower just down the road. Also designed by Torsuwan in the 1990s, it was planned as the sister tower to Sathorn Unique Tower and built in 2001. Completed, in-use, and glimmering on the skyline, State Tower is a spectral reminder of both what could’ve been and a striking contrast to the wild history that left one building in bloom and another in blatant disrepair.

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