Sachin Tendulkar seen in his BMW 3GT: Wears seat belt as soon as he sits in the car [Video]

Sachin Tendulkar – a name that needs no introduction. Apart from his extraordinary career in sports, Sachin is also known for his love of cars. He has several expensive cars in his garage, including sports cars. The former cricketer is often seen on the road driving one of his prized possessions. Sachin Tendulkar is one of those individuals who take safety very seriously. He has been seen talking to two-wheeler riders in the past, asking them to wear riding helmets. Here, we have a video that proves Sachin not only preaches but also practices this in his own life.

The video has been shared by Cars For You on their YouTube channel. In this video, Sachin Tendulkar is seen with his family. According to the video, the cricketer had come to a restaurant in Bandra along with his family members. Sachin’s wife and children can also be seen in the video. After getting the elder members of the family into a car, Sachin and his family pose for pictures and videos outside the restaurant. Sachin even stops for a fan to take a selfie while his wife and daughter walk towards the car.

Sachin had come to the restaurant in a blue-colored BMW 3 GT. Just like older videos from the vlogger, he does not clearly show the car in the video. Looking at the design and dimensions, it does appear to be a 3 GT. After taking a selfie with his fan, Sachin walks to the car and checks if everyone is comfortably seated in the rear. The driver opens the front door, and Sachin sits in.

As soon as he sits in the co-passenger seat, Sachin’s hand moves towards the seat belt. Even before the driver comes back and sits down, Sachin has already pulled the seatbelt for himself. We have seen many celebrity videos in the past where they simply do not go for the seat belts, even when they are sitting in the front. In most cases, they would sit in the rear where they don’t have to wear it at all.

Sachin in his BMW GT

Seat belts are extremely important for the safety of the occupants in the car. This is not just applicable to the driver and the co-passenger sitting in the front. All the occupants should ideally wear them, and many car manufacturers are working towards the same by providing seat belt reminders even for rear seat passengers. Last year, we came across the news of a car crash where former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry lost his life. All the news reports that circulated mentioned that Cyrus was not wearing the seat belt while in the rear seat.

Returning to Sachin Tendulkar, he once asked a pillion lady on a motorcycle to wear a helmet, and he has also reacted to videos where young boys and girls were performing stunts without proper riding gear. He has been insisting that both pillion and rider wear helmets for their own safety. As for cars, Sachin has several BMW cars like the BMW 7-Series Li, BMW X5M, BMW i8, and a BMW 5-Series in his garage. He also owns several Porsches and a Nissan GT-R.

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