Ruggable and AD's New American Voices Collaboration: Shop Our Editors’ Picks

It’s no secret that we pride ourselves on taste here at AD. We’re always looking for cutting edge design choices—whether that’s in homes, the furniture we recommend, or the pieces we use in our own spaces.

“At AD we understand the importance of supporting talent from the ground up, so we tapped eight interior design studios from past New American Voices honorees to collaborate on our new Ruggable x Architectural Digest collection,” says AD’s global interiors and garden director, Alison Levasseur. “Inspirations came from art, architecture, and nature—and the results are 16 beautiful floor coverings in a range of styles.”

The collection of washable rugs features two designs each from Aymee Kuhlman and Molly Kidd of Light and Dwell, Hema Persad of Los Angeles–based Sagrada Studio, David Quarles IV, Jessica Jubelirer, Matt McKay, Leann Conquer and Alexis Tompkins of Chroma, Michael Hilal, and Tavia Forbes and Money Masters of Forbes Masters in Atlanta.

“Our design ethos is all about celebrating originality, feeling confident and bold with interior design, and empowering our customers in their personal taste,” says Ruggable creative director Emily Simmons. “With the AD x Ruggable collection, our goal was to capture each designer’s unique aesthetic and showcase what extraordinary impact a rug can make in any space. To me, this collaboration proves that you can have a livable home that still embraces sophisticated design.” Below, you can shop our editors’ personal favorites from the covetable collections.

Yates Check Brown Re-Jute Rug

“I never get tired of checker print, but I love how Light & Dwell offers a more subtle version of the popular pattern with their Yates Check Brown rug. As someone who admires the beauty of the Pacific Northwest from afar, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I gravitate towards this design, specifically with its earthy tones that cast a warm and inviting ambiance in any space. While I don’t identify as a minimalist, I do appreciate the simpler things in life!” — Sydney Gore, senior digital design editor

La Joie Natural Multicolor Tufted Rug

“Memphis–based interior designer David Quarles IV creates spaces that vibrate with texture, pattern, and color, so it’s no surprise that his rug designs are exactly that. This La Joie Chenille design calls to mind a warm, spirited scene, full of palm trees and rich hues—a perfect option to bring the same zest to your living space.” — Zoë Sessums, digital design editor

Kasi Black & Tan Tufted Rug

“The Kasi, designed by Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters of Forbes Masters, will bring a modern feel to any space. Capturing the design firm’s talent for creating bold interiors, the Kasi rug’s neutral color palette makes it easy to integrate the piece with your existing decor choices, no matter how bold or minimal. Splashes of blue and rust in the geometric design bring an element of fun to the sophisticated design.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Breakout Teal & Chartreuse Tufted Rug

“Chroma, an AD PRO Directory design firm, injects its signature sense of color into two chenille rugs. While both products feature a cool color tone range, emphasizing green and blue while including hints of purple, the line quality of the two works is decidedly different. Breakout Teal & Chartreuse is more graphic in its composition, while Dissolve Teal Gradient blurs seemingly linear boundaries as its name implies. Both rugs would feature well into any room—as either a statement piece or camouflage ground cover, depending on its overall setting.” — Madeleine Luckel, senior digital design editor

Maren Stone Blue Tufted Rug

“New York City–based designer Matt McKay deals in dynamic juxtapositions, a theme that shines through in his Maren Stone Blue rug. Soft earth tones in several contrasting hues sketch out sinuous organic forms that resemble a range of mountains, creating an organic atmosphere that’s sure to deliver a peaceful energy to any space it’s placed in.” — Charlotte Collins, associate digital features editor

“Hema Persad’s emphasis on ‘unique imperfections’ is a philosophy I can 100% get behind—it’s a reminder that definitely takes the pressure off when styling my own home. It’s this ‘perfectly imperfect’ ideal that drew me to the Ananda Natural Pop rug. The warm natural colors make it an easy piece to decorate with, but the organic lines and shapes serve as a nice reminder that things don’t have to be exact or flawless to be appealing. In fact, I think it’s especially fun to think about how easily this rug could evolve depending on the orientation and placement.” — Katherine McLaughlin, associate digital features editor

“I’m not usually one for mushroom decor—one wrong move and you’re in ‘head shop’ territory. Michael Hilal gets it just right in his ethereal Mushroom Dream Grey Taupe design. One part vintage storybook, one part haute couture, it would work just as well in a nursery as it would in a glammed-up lounge. I’m a huge fan of Arts and Crafts architecture and interiors—so Michael Hilal’s Olive Green Monolith is right up my alley with its controlled geometry and antique mossy tones. To me, this rug is practically begging to be topped with a piece of funky wood furniture.” — Lila Allen, AD Pro senior editor

Selene Neutral Multicolor Tufted Rug

“Jessica Jubelirer’s appreciation for mixing unique colors, patterns, and textures is prevalent in her design for the Selene rug. Her ability to blend playful retro aesthetics with a touch of ‘cottagecore’ style in such a seamless way allows the Selene to be versatile in any space. The neutral, earthy-tones of the rug easily add dimension to the design while not being overpowering.” — Rebecca Grambone, social media manager

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