Royal Enfield pillion goes airborne after truck overtake goes wrong [Video]

The majority of people in India still rely on two-wheelers to get from one place to another. India is one of the largest markets for two-wheeler manufacturers. However, on our roads, accidents caused by two-wheeler riders are on the rise due to careless or reckless riding being the major reason in most cases. There have been several cases where careless riders have caused harm to other road users by flouting traffic rules and even performing stunts.

In the video uploaded by royalenfieldholic on their Instagram page, a Royal Enfield motorcycle rider narrowly escapes getting crushed under a truck. The video was recorded from a helmet camera of a rider who was following behind the truck. In the footage, the trucks are seen completely covering all the lanes and moving slowly. One of the trucks appears to be trying to overtake the other slowly. Suddenly, a biker on a Royal Enfield overtakes the helmet-cam rider from the right lane. The helmet-cam rider immediately moves to the extreme left lane and blindly follows the biker who just overtook the truck from the left lane.

The Royal Enfield Classic rider, with a pillion passenger, seems very focused on overtaking the truck, forgetting to look forward. They fail to notice that they are about to enter a narrow bridge with a footpath. The first bike finds a gap and overtakes the truck successfully, but the Royal Enfield Classic riders do not find the same opportunity. While blindly following the biker in front, they completely forget to check their surroundings. The bike is speeding, and by the time they realize there is a footpath in front of them, it’s too late. The bike hits the kerb, and the rider and pillion are lifted into the air.

Careless rider overtaking from left

Remarkably, the bike doesn’t lose control, and both the rider and pillion manage to get back on the seat and continue riding. The person recording the video is also riding a Royal Enfield. He asks the riders if they are fine and advises them to slow down. The riders were indeed lucky to have escaped a major accident. Attempting to overtake a truck from the wrong side of the road is highly dangerous. It is essential to remember that overtaking from the left is not the right way, as it is usually a blind spot for drivers. In this case, the Royal Enfield rider who crashed into the footpath was fortunate to have escaped without any injuries. The outcome could have been far worse, with a higher risk of falling or ending up under the truck.

As observed in the video, the Classic 50 bike had alloy wheels, which can sustain damage when hitting an obstacle at high speed. The wheels could have cracked or even broken upon impact. It is always crucial not to blindly follow a rider in front, as it is called tailgating. It is essential to keep an eye out for any obstacles that may come in front of your vehicle. Always follow traffic rules and avoid overspeeding in city limits.

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