Royal Enfield Crashes Into Maruti Swift making a U-turn: Who’s at fault? [Video]

Accidents can happen at any time and at any turn. The only thing that we can do is be alert all the time and abide by the rules and regulations of the road. However, there is still no guarantee that accidents won’t happen. Recently, another such common accident that happens across the country every day has been shared online. In this particular video, a Royal Enfield Classic 350 rider smashes into a Maruti Swift hatchback, which was making a U-turn. Now the question is, who was at fault? Well, the answer is waiting for you ahead!

The video of this Royal Enfield’s accident with a Maruti Suzuki Swift has been shared on X by Rattan Dhillon on their page. It starts off with a Royal Enfield Classic 350 rider riding his motorcycle inside a city road that was turning towards the right. It was noted that the rider was at a considerably high speed and was turning into a blind corner. On the same turn, there was a Maruti Suzuki Swift that just came out of a gate on the left side of the road, making a U-turn at the intersection.

What happens next?

Soon after this, the video shows that the rider, who wanted to go straight, was continuing at his speed. However, the Maruti Suzuki Swift driver, without waiting or turning on his right indicator, started taking a U-turn. But by the time the Royal Enfield rider could honk his horn and stop the bike, the Swift had turned almost completely, and because of this, the biker crashed with the car’s front right door. The video then shows the rider on the road and the passenger coming out of the car, asking him if he is okay.

Who was at fault?

Now coming to the main point of this accident, as to who was at fault? Well, most of the people will say that the fault here in this car was of the Maruti Suzuki Swift driver. However, this is not true. Yes, he was at fault in the majority, as he did not stop before making a U-turn. Neither did he turn on his indicators. But there is more to this accident.

From the video, it can be noted that the Royal Enfield rider was also riding the bike at a considerably higher speed. He should not have been riding the bike at such speeds inside the city. Had his speed been a little less, he could have avoided the accident by stopping in time. However, he could not do the same, and hence it has resulted in such an accident.

How to properly take a U-turn?

For those who may not know the proper way to execute a U-turn while driving: First, you have to ensure that it’s legal as well as safe to take a U-turn on the road that you are on. Following this, you have to signal to the left first, then check your mirrors and move to the left lane if necessary. After performing this step, you have to slow down your vehicle and come to a complete stop, if required.

how to take U-turn

Next up, you have to turn the steering wheel all the way to the left, then check for oncoming traffic from both directions. Finally, when the road is clear, accelerate gently while turning the steering wheel to the right, completing the U-turn smoothly. And the most important part is to keep an eye on surrounding traffic throughout the maneuver to ensure that there is complete safety.

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