Rose Lavelle Will Do Anything to Get One Percent Better

Lavelle training with the USWNT in Auckland, New Zealand

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What other methods do you use? Are you always in ice baths? Do you have a hyperbaric chamber?

Honestly, I dabble in a little bit of everything. I feel like if something can make me even one percent better, all of that stuff adds up, and not just for the week or the month, but the season and my whole career. I’ll try anything if I feel like it can help make my body and mind feel 100%. I do ice baths, I get massages. I’ll do a recovery flush or jog. I lift. I’m into nutrition.

I’ve tried one of those sensory deprivation tanks and I hated it. That’s the one thing I will not do again. I couldn’t really relax in it. My head was dunking under the water. I was miserable. And I paid for a full hour of it, but for 45 minutes I was sitting criss-cross-applesauce because I couldn’t actually relax. Terrible.

What is your main Icy Hot usage strategy?

I think it’s about helping pain relief and recovery. So, if I have a sore muscle or a sore joint, I put it on. I like to use the spray. It’s just easier, like spray sunscreen. It works, and starts working pretty instantly, which helps me feel good on my recovery day and sets me up for success the next day.

When I was younger and would get a knock, it was just an easy remedy to help ease the pain. My parents definitely helped, I don’t think when I was younger I knew what to do when I got hurt. So thank God for my parents. But yeah, it was as simple as, “Take a knock, put some Icy Hot on it, hope you feel better.”

I think when most people think of the Icy Hot family, they think of Shaq. Is he an inspiration for your Icy Hot career?

Oh, I think he’s so funny and great. The OG Icy Hot ambassador. It’s been cool to work with a brand that also works with Shaq. I haven’t ever met him, but I want to, just to see if I’m like the size of his leg. Have you ever seen Jimmy Fallon put on Shaq’s sports coat? Would that go down to my ankles?

Have you ever had any incidents from using too much Icy Hot or getting it in the wrong place?

No, I’m always very sure to wash my hands so I don’t accidentally rub my eyes after. Have you used it before?

I don’t think so! I’m kind of imagining the sensation being like those, “How it feels to chew 5 Gum” commercials

[laughing] Yes!

Rose, we are a fashion magazine, so I wanted to end by asking you about your tweet from 2021 where you said you feel embarrassed whenever you wear jeans. What’s your beef with jeans?

I’m someone who would always rather be underdressed for something than overdressed for something. I very rarely wear jeans, so sometimes when I wear them I think people—obviously this is me being self-conscious and paranoid—but everyone is like, “Look at that girl, she never wears jeans.” Do you know what I mean?

Same thing when I wear a hat, I feel like everyone knows I never wear hats. Everyone can tell I’m new to this.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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