Robber armed with stone stops car in Bengaluru: Aborts plan after seeing dashcam [Video]

We have written several articles about the importance of various devices that one can install in their car to ensure your and your vehicle’s safety. One such device is a dash camera, easily available on online shopping platforms, and it has proven to be very useful in many situations. In the case of an accident, the footage from the dash camera can be used as evidence to determine fault. Here, we have an incident where a dash cam actually helped a car driver escape from robbers.

The video has been uploaded by Citizens Movement, East Bengaluru, on their X profile. The video was originally shared by a resident near Primus School, Doddakanahalli – Chikkanayakanahalli Road, 3 km from Sarjapur Road, Doddakannelli Junction. In this 31-second video, we can see the car moving through a poorly lit narrow road at night. Vehicles coming from the opposite direction are using high beams to see the road clearly. As the car moves forward and rounds a small curve, a bike is seen parked on the roadside.

A person can also be seen walking toward the middle of the road. The car driver applies the brakes and slows down. The person is holding a stone, and it appears to be an attempt to rob the car. The individual blocking the road immediately looks at the car and then notices the dash camera. It seems that the person planned to rob the car by throwing a stone at the windshield but likely stopped when realizing that his face was clearly captured on the camera.

robbery attempt

The post states, “Today, at 6:40 PM, a resident near Primus School, Doddakanahalli – Chikkanayakanahalli Road, 3 km from Sarjapur, reported an attempted robbery. The robbers attempted to stop a car while holding stones. However, upon noticing the dashcam, they left the family inside the car untouched. Please swiftly apprehend the culprits and intensify police patrolling in the Bellandur police station jurisdiction. @DKShivakumar Sir, there’s a pressing issue of non-functional streetlights on these internal roads.”

Just like in previous cases, the Bengaluru City Police were tagged in the post, and they even reacted to it. They took note of the details and forwarded the petition to the concerned police station. A comment mentions that this incident happened about 300 meters away from Bellandur police station. If the car did not have a dash camera, the robber might have reacted differently. It should be noted that this incident occurred at 6:40 PM. One user commented that such robberies have increased in the last year in this area.

The robbers usually target cars driven by women. This video is a good example that illustrates the importance of a dash camera. Dash cams available in the market automatically start recording when they detect movement around the vehicle. They can also be used as a safety feature for cars parked outside. If the miscreants had attacked the car or the occupants, they would have been in trouble, as their faces were already captured on the camera.

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