Road rage in Bangalore: Man on TVS NTorq stops car and threatens occupants [Video]

A new incident has come to light following several episodes of people driving around in cars being stopped by locals in Bengaluru. Recorded by the occupants of a Jharkhand-registered vehicle, it shows how a man on a scooter blocked the car’s path and then issued threats.

The incident was captured on a mobile phone by one of the car’s occupants. It depicts the scooter rider attempting to stop the vehicle by blocking its path multiple times. However, the car continued to find a way to proceed. The scooter rider eventually managed to block the vehicle, forcing it to come to a complete stop.

Subsequently, the rider dismounted from the scooter and began walking toward the vehicle. It appears that the driver was already on a call with the police and had also asked people nearby to contact the authorities. Meanwhile, the other occupants in the vehicle urged the driver not to open the windows.

The rider then circled the car in a menacing manner. Although he did not speak a word in the video, he seemed visibly upset about something. It remains unclear whether both vehicles were involved in an altercation or if this was an unprovoked incident.

Multiple similar incidents

Notably, this is not the first time such incidents have occurred. A few weeks ago, a similar incident involved the harassment of an ISRO scientist just outside his office in Bengaluru. The scooter rider kicked the scientist’s vehicle multiple times to express his displeasure. Prompt police action led to the arrest of the aggressor shortly after the incident gained attention online. The video shows a brief clip in which a youth on a TVS NTorq parks in front of the vehicle, verbally abuses the scientist, and kicks the car twice. The video does not show the events leading up to this incident, leaving it unclear if there was a prior altercation or if the scooter rider decided to stop abruptly.

Another incident from earlier this year, captured by a dashboard camera, shows two individuals on a Yamaha YZF-R15 obstructing a car’s path while pelting it with stones. Despite initially managing to escape the situation twice, the car’s occupants were stopped once more when the motorcyclists caught up to them in traffic. Despite the car’s occupants choosing not to engage and attempting to continue their journey, the bikers overtook them and brought them to a halt for a third time.

This incident occurred during daylight hours, and after evading the situation twice, the bikers became agitated and attempted to forcibly remove the couple from their car during the third stoppage. They also made repeated attempts to shatter the car window. Both culprits were arrested within a few hours.

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