Rider without helmet, using mobile phone does not realise MVD is right behind him [Video]

Kerala MVD frequently makes headlines for its stringent actions against riders and drivers who violate road rules. They often utilize videos and images from social media platforms to identify and penalize these offenders. However, here we have a video featuring MVD officers trailing a motorcyclist on the road. The rider was not wearing a helmet and was also using a phone while riding. The most interesting aspect of this sequence is that the rider remains oblivious to being followed by the MVD.

This incident occurred somewhere in Kerala. The video was posted approximately two weeks ago by Rahul V Nair, garnering over 85,000 online views since then. The recording was made by an individual driving a car trailing the MVD vehicle. In the footage, a Tata Nexon EV utilized by Kerala MVD is distinctly visible. Within a few seconds into the video, it becomes evident that the MVD vehicle is tailing a biker in the lead.

The motorcycle rider was without a helmet and was conversing on the phone while riding. Unbeknownst to him, a police vehicle was following closely behind. The biker continued riding for a considerable distance before the officers took action. Eventually, the motorcyclist puts down the phone and accelerates. Observing this, the MVD officers also increase their speed, overtaking the biker and instructing him to stop.

The biker’s surprise at encountering the MVD vehicle is palpable. The video doesn’t indicate whether the biker was fined. It is preferable to assume that he received a penalty. His inability to spot the MVD vehicle behind him was due to his phone distraction, compounded by the absence of rear-view mirrors on his bike. The video portrays the biker being signaled to halt. Generally, Kerala MVD acts against such violations, and we hope this instance was no exception. Riding a two-wheeler on a public road sans a helmet is indeed a violation.

MVD following biker

The car’s occupants, who could be MVD officers, might have captured video evidence of the biker. In today’s times, visual evidence, both photos and videos, are regarded as conclusive proof of infractions. The absence of Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVMs) on the bike is also a violation. Riding a two-wheeler without mirrors could potentially lead to fines from law enforcement. The absence of ORVMs rendered the rider oblivious to vehicles approaching from behind. A lane change or turn executed without proper visual check could have resulted in an accident.

The biker’s actions posed a threat not only to himself but also to other road users. Talking on the phone compromised the rider’s full attention on the road – a common concern. Instances of individuals taking such risks while riding are frequent, though it’s strongly advised not to engage in such behavior on the road. If you genuinely need to make a phone call, it’s best to pull over to the roadside, complete the call, and then resume riding.

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