Rider thanks AI Camera for sending photo of his female pillion to his mom [Video]

The AI traffic cameras installed by the Kerala Government have been in the news ever since their installation. Initially, there were several issues in the system, and they were featured on various news platforms from time to time. There were even instances where the cameras were unable to detect numbers or issued wrong challans. Here, we have a case where an AI camera actually captured a photo of a couple traveling on a scooter without helmets. The rider now thanks the AI camera for sending a photo of his female pillion to his mother.

The video has been shared by Snp vlog on their Facebook page. It is actually an image that was taken by an AI camera and is circulating online. The caption of the post is written from the rider’s perspective. It says, “Thanks Kerala MVD, Unexpected Click, Thanks for sending it to my mother’s mobile number.” The incident happened somewhere in Kerala, but the exact location is not mentioned here. Coming to the details, in this image, we see two people riding a Honda Dio scooter on a public road.

Both the rider and the pillion are not wearing riding helmets. However, if you look carefully, you would see that the rider has one helmet in his hand, and the female pillion also has one in her hand. However, for some reason, both of them were not wearing them. The comment section of this post is filled with comments making fun of the rider. Some of them think that this was deliberately done by the rider as he wanted fame on social media. As of now, details related to the female pillion are not available; however, Facebook users have assumed that the girl was actually the rider’s girlfriend, and the MVD officially introduced it to his mother.

scooter rider & pillion without helmet

The image was sent to his mother because the scooter was registered under her name. One user took things to the next level and said that when they fix the marriage, the rider should actually invite the MVD to their wedding and also seek blessings from the pole on which the AI camera was installed (which took the picture). This is not the first time we have come across a case like this. Last week, a couple from Kerala had gone viral after an AI camera captured a romantic picture of them riding a bike. In that image, the rider was wearing a helmet, whereas the girl wasn’t.

We do not see the challan papers or PDF anywhere in this video, which again raises the question of whether it was actually a mistake or if the rider intentionally rode in front of the camera. Whatever the reason may be, riding a two-wheeler without a helmet is not recommended. We have come across several cases where riders and pillions managed to survive accidents just because they were wearing helmets. The Kerala government has installed 726 AI cameras across the state. After the installation of AI cameras, Kerala has witnessed a decrease in the number of violations, as people are concerned about the fines. The AI camera is capable of detecting a set number of traffic violations. Whenever it detects a violation, it immediately captures a high-resolution image, even at night, and shares it with the data center for further processing.

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