Responding To Fans, Indian Tesla Owner Activates ‘Party Mode’ In Mysuru’s Chamundi Hills (Video)

The American electric vehicle manufacturing giant, Tesla Inc., is gearing up for its India launch in the near future. The company is looking to set up its factory in the country to create more affordable electric vehicles for India, as well as other developing countries. Recently, in a sort of celebration and response to Tesla India fans, an owner of a Tesla Model X EV SUV has shared a video of this SUV’s “Party mode.” The video shows the Tesla Model X dancing with its falcon doors open.

Tesla Model X in “Party mode”

The video of this Tesla Model X in its “Party mode” has been shared on YouTube by Mr. Shreyas PB on their channel. It starts off with a red-colored Tesla Model X electric SUV parked on the road. It can be noted that the LED fog lights of the SUV start flickering, and the music starts playing inside the car with the speakers turned to full volume. After this, the middle falcon doors, which are a unique part of this SUV, start opening up.

Soon after this, the car starts its performance where the Falcon doors can be seen opening and closing. The LED headlights also start flickering and matching the rhythm of the music being played inside the vehicle. A few moments later, the front two doors of the car also open up, and it can be noted that the ORVMs were also synced with the music and were opening and closing, adding to the effect of the Tesla “Party mode.”

Tesla Model X EV SUV

As mentioned above, the car in the video is the Tesla Model X finished in the Ultra Red color. This particular car has been spotted on multiple occasions in the country, mostly in Karnataka. For those who may not be aware, the Tesla Model X in the video is one of the most powerful and popular electric SUVs across the globe. The Model X EV SUV comes offered with two electric powertrains.

Responding To Fans, Indian Tesla Owner Activates ‘Party Mode’ In Mysuru’s Chamundi Hills (Video)

There is a long-range variant and a more powerful Plaid variant. With the long-range variant, the Tesla Model X gets a dual-motor setup with a claimed range of 579 km. Meanwhile, the Plaid variant gets a tri-motor setup, but the claimed range drops to 547 km. Both variants get an all-wheel-drive system. The long-range variant can do the 0-100 kmph sprint in 3.8 seconds, whereas the Plaid can do the same in just 2.5 seconds, which is extremely quick, making it the fastest SUV in terms of 0-100 kmph.

Tesla looking to set up a factory in India

Responding To Fans, Indian Tesla Owner Activates ‘Party Mode’ In Mysuru’s Chamundi Hills (Video)

In the last few weeks, numerous reports have surfaced online that have suggested that the company is looking to set up its factory in India. The company, according to sources, might be setting up its factory in Gujarat’s Sanand. Other reports have stated that it is also looking at major auto manufacturing hubs in Haryana, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra as well. Now, while Tesla has not officially commented on its India plans, a government official mentioned that India is open to providing incentives for players in the EV sector as part of a broader policy, indicating a potential door for import duty concessions.

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