Renault Triber topples while trying to avoid cattle on the road: Driver safe [video]

Indian roads and infrastructure are improving at a steady pace. We now have several highways and expressways that have completely transformed the way people travel from one place to another. While good highways and roads allow us to travel smoothly from point A to point B, there are still many factors that pose threats to smooth movement. Apart from reckless driving, we have issues such as jaywalkers, cattle, stray dogs, and wrong driving. These often cause accidents on the road. Here, we have an incident from Madhya Pradesh where a Renault Triber toppled while trying to avoid crashing into a buffalo or a herd of buffaloes.

The video was uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. It was actually shared by one of his subscribers. In the video, the person recording can be heard saying that the car belongs to a YouTuber who was alone in the car when the accident happened. The driver attempted to avoid a crash with a herd of cattle. While trying to do that, one of the cattle got onto the divider and the same tire burst. When this happened, the YouTuber lost control of the vehicle and it simply toppled.

The SUV rolled over and got damaged. Judging by the condition of the Renault Triber, it appears that the YouTuber was driving the car at a high speed. The A pillars, front windshield, side panels, and doors are all damaged. Fortunately, the YouTuber who was driving the car was wearing a seatbelt and escaped the accident with minor injuries. However, the airbags in the car did not deploy on time for some reason. In the video, it’s clear that the tires and wheels on the Renault Triber were damaged in the accident.

Triber after accident

The car seems to be damaged beyond repair. This was undoubtedly a major accident, and the vlogger credits the build quality of the Renault Triber for his survival. The Renault Triber secured a 4-star rating in the Global NCAP crash test. Frankly speaking, we believe that the build quality of the vehicle wasn’t the sole factor that saved the YouTuber in this accident. Luck also played a part in this case. If you carefully observe the video, the A pillar of the Triber is completely damaged, as is the roof and the windscreen. The dashboard and the steering wheel also show slight damage.

This incident is yet another example that highlights the need to be extremely cautious while driving on Indian roads. In this case, we feel that if the driver had adhered to the road speed limits, he could have stopped in time and avoided an accident like this. Car manufacturers in India have begun taking the build quality of their vehicles seriously. Brands like Tata and Mahindra are known for their sturdy build quality, and Renault, Skoda, and Volkswagen have also joined this group. Indian roads are among the most challenging to drive on, so it is always recommended to stay alert, as you never know what might appear in front of your vehicle.

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