Remember The Abandoned Taarzan Wonder Car? It’s Now Getting Repaired [Video]

If you were a child during the 2000s, then you must remember the iconic “Taarzan – The Wonder Car” movie. The main protagonist of the movie, the “Taarzan” car, was a dream of many young children. This car, after the movie’s release, came to the market but, because of its high price tag, went unsold and ended up on the side of a road, rotting. Following this, a shop from Mumbai acquired the car and started the restoration process to bring it back to its former glory. Recently, showing the progress of the car’s restoration process, a video has been shared online.

Restoration of “Taarzan – The Wonder Car”

The video of the restoration of the ‘Taarzan’ sports car has been shared on YouTube by International Auto & Engineering Works, a shop based out of Navi Mumbai and an independent garage owned by Mr. Kiranpal Singh Kalsi. The car was bought by the shop owner for restoration over a year ago. Since then, he has been slowly and steadily making progress and getting the car restored. In this particular video, the car was seen getting sprayed with a base coat of blue color.

Prior to this video, the owner of the car shared the process of restoring the interior of the car. All the interior panels, including door cards, dashboard, center console, and other small parts, were being sprayed in black color. Apart from this, in another video, the owner of the shop was also seen working on the mechanical side of things. In one of the videos, he was seen starting the car and revving it. At the moment, the car is quite far away from being finished. However, most likely it could be completed by the end of this year.

DC Design “Taarzan”

Taarzan Wondercar 1

For those who may not remember, this car used to be finished in the iconic purple and was used as the hero car in the movie “Taarzan – The Wonder Car.” It was originally designed by car designer and owner of DC Designs, Dilip Chhabria, for the movie. Hiding under the skin of this unique-looking sports car is the Toyota MR2, which is another popular sports car from the 1980s that came powered by a rear-mounted 2.0-liter petrol engine.

Taarzan the wonder car restoration paint

It was reported that following the completion of the movie, the hero car “Taarzan” was put on sale for an astronomically high price tag of Rs 2 crore. However, just being a modified Toyota MR2, people did not bid for it, and later the amount was reduced to Rs 35 lakh. But even after the significant price reduction, it went unsold, and it finally ended up being abandoned on the side of a busy street in Mumbai.

DC Founder Dilip Chhabria


Back in 2022, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) registered a money laundering case against the DC founder, Dilip Chhabria. These cases were filed on the basis of cases filed in 2020 by the Crime Intelligence Unit (CIU) and Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Mumbai Police in 2020 against Chhabria, his sister, and other relatives. CIU arrested Dilip Chhabria back on December 28, 2020, after his firm, DC Designs Private Ltd, allegedly availed loans from a non-banking financial company (NBFC) by posing as customers who wanted to buy DC sports cars.

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