Reckless Pick Up Truck Pushes Bike-Borne Couple Off The Road: Caught On Camera

One of the biggest issues that currently Indian roads have is the presence of reckless drivers. These reckless drivers cause harm to themselves as well as other people on public roads, and a lot of times they cause loss of lives as well. Recently, a video showing exactly how some people recklessly drive vehicles on public roads has been shared online. In this particular video, a speeding pickup truck was seen pushing off a couple on a motorcycle on a blind turn. It highlights the dangers of rash driving which can result in unforeseen accidents.

Reckless Pickup Truck Driver Causes Accident

The video of this couple getting pushed off after being hit by a pickup truck has been shared on YouTube by Nikhil Kulkarni on their channel. It starts off with dashcam footage from a truck in which a couple was seen riding normally on a single-lane road. At the moment, from where exactly this video has come from has not been shared. However, it can be noted that as the couple and the truck behind them were approaching a blind turn, a white Hyundai Creta overtook both of these vehicles.

Following this, when the main blind right turn came, the person, out of nowhere, a Tata Ace pickup truck appeared from the right side of the truck recording the video. Soon after this, it was noted that the Tata Ace driver, in order to overtake the truck just before the blind turn, came at a very high speed and hit the bike of the couple. Just after this, the couple was pushed off the road, and they ended up in a field that was alongside the road.

What happened next?

Soon after the impact, in which it was noted that the bike was thrown off on the left, and the woman on the right and the rider fell in the middle. The truck driver then immediately shouted at the pickup truck driver and stopped his vehicle. Immediately after that, the pickup truck driver got stuck ahead because of traffic and then had to stop on the side of the road as other vehicles started queuing up in both lanes. It was then noted that the woman first stood up, and while trembling, she went to help the man. After this, the truck driver and another truck driver from the opposite lane came to the rescue of the couple.

Reckless Driving by Pickup Truck Driver

From the video, it is completely clear that the fault here was of the Tata Ace pickup truck driver. The main reason behind this is that he was attempting an overtake at a blind right turn. It is one of the most basic things in driving that when there is a blind turn, anybody should not attempt to overtake, and that too when the road is a single-lane road. Another problem was that the pickup truck was at a very high speed. This made the impact even more brutal, and it can be noted with the distance the couple was pushed away. Thankfully, both the rider and the passenger did not suffer any critical injuries. However, they should have also worn helmets which they were not.

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