Raymond CEO drives Pontiac TransAm muscle car without number plates on Mumbai roads

The billionaire car collector and Raymond CEO, Gautam Singhania, is well-known for the cars in his garage. Some time ago, he was spotted in a Pontiac TransAM, one of his many rare classic cars. Once again, he was seen in the same classic car, but this time, there were no registration plates on it. The photos were posted by CarCrazyIndia on Instagram.

Singhania was spotted driving on Marine Drive in Mumbai. He was not alone in the car. For those wondering why he was in the co-driver seat, well, he wasn’t. It’s a left-hand drive (LHD) car, meaning the steering wheel is on the left side of the dashboard. If you look closely, you’ll spot the steering wheel on Singhania’s side.

Now, it’s unclear if this vehicle is registered in India. We couldn’t find any registration number on the vehicle. The photos do not seem to be photoshopped to hide the number plates.

Since it’s an LHD car, it needs to be homologated and certified for Indian roads before registration. Alternatively, it’s possible that the vehicle came to India through Carnet, which means it doesn’t require Indian registration and will soon return to the country where it’s registered. But even then, Carnet cars have always shown up with number plates. Here, however, we couldn’t spot any plates.

In India, it’s illegal to drive without a registration plate. While certain vehicles, especially lower-powered two-wheelers, may not require a driving license or a number plate, this car doesn’t fall into that category.

What are your thoughts on the missing registration plate? Is it simply absent from the car, or has it not been registered in India yet?

Gautam Singhania owns exotic cars

Raymond CEO drives Pontiac TransAm muscle car without number plates on Mumbai roads

Now, this is one rare car. Gautam Singhania seems to have a collection of American muscle cars, and this 1973 Pontiac Trans AM SD is also a part of it. This is a unique model because of its engine. The engine features a strengthened cylinder block and reinforced main bearings bolts, with additional strengthening in various parts of the car. We’re not sure when Singhania imported this one to India, but from time to time, he sends the car to automobile exhibitions and shows.

He’s a true enthusiast who doesn’t just own high-end and rare cars but also participates in professional racing competitions worldwide. Not all the cars owned by Singhania are in India, but every now and then, he brings exotics to Indian roads on a carnet.

Raymond CEO drives Pontiac TransAm muscle car without number plates on Mumbai roads

Gautam Singhania, the owner of Raymond, is a fervent car enthusiast and boasts one of the most extravagant car collections worldwide. Recently, he added a Maserati MC20 to his assortment and was seen driving it. However, it’s the car he acquired before the Maserati that has drawn attention in his garage. Singhania splurged on the Ferrari 296 GTB, worth Rs 6.5 crore, and was spotted taking it for a spin in Mumbai.

Singhania owns another masterpiece from Ferrari – the SF90. The Ferrari SF90 Stradale stands apart from the rest of the model line-up due to its innovative technology. It marks the first-ever Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) in Ferrari’s repertoire. Under its hood, there’s a combination of three electric motors integrated into the internal combustion engine. While two of these motors are positioned on the front axle, the third one is situated at the rear, nestled between the engine and the gearbox.

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