Rashly-driven Honda City hits a cyclist: Cops nab culprit [Video]

Rash driving is a major problem in many parts of India and other countries. These drivers or riders often cause accidents on the road. There are several cases from the past where people have actually lost their loved ones in such accidents. No matter how strict the rules are, there are people who drive in this manner only. They often break traffic rules and even end up paying huge fines. Here, we have a video that has been shared by the Hyderabad Traffic Police. In this video, we see a Honda City sedan being driven recklessly, hitting a cyclist who was on the road.

The video has been shared by the Cyberabad Traffic Police on their YouTube channel. The video is of an accident that happened back in 2021. It is now being circulated online to create awareness among road users. The video mentions the location of the accident as a 100 ft road that falls under Madhapur Police Station limits. The accident occurred in the morning. We can see vehicles, including trucks, passing through the road. We notice a cyclist with a proper helmet on the road too. There is an autorickshaw behind the cyclist, but he is not bothered by it.

As the autorickshaw was about to overtake him, a rashly driven Honda City sedan came from the rear and tried to overtake the auto from the left. It looks like the car driver failed to notice the cyclist on the road. He tried to squeeze the car through the small gap between the auto and the cycle; however, the driver failed miserably. The car hit the cyclist. The cycle and the person riding it crashed onto the side of the car and were thrown away from the car. Luckily, the cyclist did not come under the car or any other vehicle on the road. There were no vehicles behind the cyclist when this happened.

Honda city hits cyclist

Upon impact, the ORVM (Outside Rear View Mirror) of the Honda City broke and came flying off the vehicle. All this happened in a few seconds’ time. The cyclist could not process what just happened. The Honda City driver did not stop. A Nexon driver stopped later to check on him. The cyclist stood up and walked away from the road, sitting on the footpath. The cops later traced the owner of the Honda City and took action against him. The cyclist escaped without any major injuries. In this case, the car driver was primarily at fault. The car was definitely driven recklessly, putting his life and the lives of other road users at risk. It should also be noted that the cyclist was riding almost in the middle of the road. One should always ride the cycle on the left-hand side of the road or use cycle tracks to avoid such incidents. The cyclist was probably riding in the middle under the impression that there were not many vehicles on the road. Also, wear proper gear to protect yourself from injuries in case you get into an accident like this. Ideally, the Honda City driver should have stopped and taken the cyclist to the nearby hospital and also reported the incident to the cops.

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