Rashly driven Ford EcoSport’s passenger pulls out lathi to intimidate Maruti S-Cross driver: Dashcam video

Road rage incidents in India have become significantly more common. We have come across numerous cases from cities like Bengaluru in the past. Similar incidents have also been reported from the Delhi NCR region as well as Uttar Pradesh. In most cases, these incidents go unreported due to the absence of video evidence. For reasons such as this, people have now started installing devices like dash cams in their vehicles. We have witnessed individuals pulling out guns and even using rocks to break windshields in certain cases. Here, we have a video in which a passenger in a Ford EcoSport pulls out a lathi (bamboo stick) to obstruct other cars, allowing his SUV to advance.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. One of his subscribers shared this video with him. The incident took place somewhere near Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. The event was recorded on the dash camera of the person’s car who shared the video. In the video, we see a two-lane highway, and the subscriber’s car was traveling in the left lane when a Ford EcoSport recklessly overtakes the car from the left.

The EcoSport driver immediately changes lanes and positions the vehicle behind a Maruti S-Cross and a Duster. The cars ahead were maintaining a constant speed. The EcoSport driver then attempts to maneuver the car through the gap between the vehicles. At this point, the passenger seated in the front rolls down the window and retrieves a long bamboo stick. The passenger proceeds to wave the stick towards the S-Cross driver, who is evidently taken aback by the sight of a person brandishing bamboo at his car. The S-Cross driver slows down, allowing the EcoSport driver to squeeze through the narrow gap. The person continues to hold the stick outside the window in an attempt to intimidate others.

Ecosport passenger pulls out stick

In contrast to other instances, the individual does not exit the car to argue or engage in a confrontation with other road users. Nevertheless, this still qualifies as a road rage incident, as their actions display aggression towards fellow motorists and a disregard for traffic rules. The Ford EcoSport driver’s behavior was impolite, and the passenger’s actions could have escalated the situation had the bamboo struck any of the cars.

It remains unclear whether the EcoSport was being driven in this manner due to an emergency. The video does not provide any such information. The way in which the SUV was being operated suggests that the actions were deliberate. This is a behavior that we have observed people exhibit in certain areas of the state, where they often resort to wielding tools and sticks to intimidate other road users and assert their dominance. The car’s registration number is clearly visible in the video, and we hope that the authorities take appropriate action once the video reaches them. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, it is advisable to refrain from any communication that could exacerbate the situation. If circumstances deteriorate, promptly contact the police for assistance. Avoid engaging in physical altercations and make an effort to adhere to traffic regulations and speed limits to prevent causing inconvenience to others.

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