Rare video of MS Dhoni’s retro classic cars: Rolls Royce, Mustang & Pontiac

MS Dhoni is a man who needs no introduction. If you’ve been following our website for a while, you’d know that he is not only a brilliant sportsman but also an automotive enthusiast. Dhoni actually has a garage specifically built inside his residence to better display his bikes and cars. While we have seen Dhoni on the road driving his prized possessions several times, rarely have we seen a video showing what’s inside the huge residential property that he owns. We all know that he has a soft spot for classic and vintage cars, and that’s what we’re shown in this rare online video.

The video has been posted by CricNow on their YouTube channel. The video posted by the YouTube channel is actually a small portion of a video posted by Dhoni’s wife, Sakshi, on Instagram. It’s an old video, and the design or overall look of the garage might have changed since then.

He has now built a separate building to park all his bikes and cars. We cannot confirm whether the vintage cars seen in the video are still there or if they have been moved to the new building. The three cars that we see in this particular video are a Rolls Royce, a Mustang, and a Pontiac.

Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II

MS Dhoni still has this car in his garage, and he was recently spotted driving it on the streets of Ranchi. The Silver Wraith was usually seen parked inside the glass garage, as shown in the video above. It was the first time that the car was spotted on the road. Soon after buying the car, MS Dhoni took it to a workshop that belonged to his friend. A picture of him eating food with the workshop staff had also gone viral. The Silver Wraith II had a longer wheelbase, which differentiated it from the Silver Shadow II. The Rolls Royce uses a V8 engine and comes with an automatic transmission.

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

The red-colored muscle car seen in the video is a left-hand drive car. How do we know this? A video of Dhoni driving the very same car had surfaced online. This was probably the first time we saw his Pontiac on the road. The old video shows the Pontiac parked inside the glass garage. Just like any American muscle car, the Firebird is powered by a 455 big-block V8 engine that drives the rear wheels. This engine generates around 325 Bhp and is paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Mustang

Dhoni bought this Mustang in 2021 from a used car dealer in Chennai. It’s a 1970 model Mustang, but it has been neatly modified to look like a 1969 model. The Mustang uses a massive 5.0-liter V8 petrol engine that generates 225 Ps and 406 Nm of peak torque. We have yet to see this car on the roads of Ranchi. It’s worth noting that the engine in this Mustang is from a 1992 model. MS Dhoni has even more classic and vintage cars and SUVs in his garage.

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