Range Hood Ideas: 23 Design-Forward Options for Your Kitchen

Goodbye, boring kitchen vents: The design world is full of range hood ideas that are anything but basic. Craving something metallic? Cloud-shaped? Bright yellow? By all means, bring it on. The statement range hood is majorly in vogue. Think about it: If you’re putting effort into making sure the kitchen countertops and cabinets go together, why not consider how the kitchen range hood will come into play? “The ability to apply different materials to a hood insert has evolved and expanded to multiple material possibilities, thus creating more avenues for creative design,” says Jim Rill, principal of Rill Architects in Bethesda, Maryland. Craving some inspiration? Consider these 23 AD-approved range hood ideas.

Opt for modern minimalism

Designer Summer Jensen adds a sleek range hood that seamlessly fits into the kitchen design.

Photo: Chad Mello, Carl Larsen

Summer Jensen of Hawk & Co. wanted a minimal hood for a kitchen she designed in Newport Beach, California. Aware that she would need a hood six inches longer (on each side) than the 86-inch range, she opted to go the custom route. “For someone like myself who cooks all the time, performance becomes paramount,” Jensen says. In addition to appearing sleek, the hood is equipped with modern conveniences that improve function.

Don’t be afraid to use metals for color

A shiny copper hood is definitely the focal point of this kitchen, interior designer Nadia Subaran notes.

Photo: Robert Radifera

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