Rahul Gandhi on motorcycle trip in Ladakh: Posts photos, meets army veterans

After making headlines a few months ago with his ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, renowned politician Rahul Gandhi is once again in the news. However, this time, he has also caught the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts across the country. Rahul Gandhi shared several pictures of his recent road trip to Ladakh, which he undertook on a KTM 390 Adventure. These images of Rahul Gandhi riding the KTM 390 Adventure on Ladakh’s roads have captured the interest of many, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes.

In the posts shared on his social media accounts, Rahul Gandhi is depicted riding a motorcycle as part of a convoy that includes fellow motorcyclists and vehicles carrying security personnel. The politician is seen riding alongside other bikers in the picturesque landscapes of Leh, including rugged terrains, mountains, and well-paved roads of the region.

The posts also showcase Rahul Gandhi engaging in discussions with local residents and Ladakh authorities about the area and its people. The KTM 390 Adventure featured in Rahul Gandhi’s social media posts has been slightly modified with additions like off-road knobby tires and custom footpegs. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the motorcycle is registered under the name of Miraya Vadra, the nephew of Rahul Gandhi and the son of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

Rahul Gandhi used KTM 390 Adventure

In addition to the KTM 390 Adventure, Rahul Gandhi has also opted for high-quality riding gear, as evident in the pictures he shared on social media. He is seen riding the motorcycle while wearing a Shoei off-road helmet with Leatt off-road goggles, a Klim Marrakesh riding jacket, and Klim S4 Baja riding gloves. His other riding gear includes Leatt Moto riding pants, knee guards, and Forma Adventure riding boots.

The visuals of Rahul Gandhi riding the KTM 390 Adventure in Ladakh emerged online a few days after one of his recent interviews, during which he mentioned having a KTM 390 motorcycle at home. However, he revealed that he doesn’t get to ride it frequently, as security personnel restrict its use on public roads due to security concerns.

The KTM 390 Adventure stands as one of the most sought-after adventure tourers in India and is part of KTM’s 390cc offerings in the country. This adventure tourer comes in three variants: X, Standard, and SW. The version seen ridden by Rahul Gandhi in Ladakh is the Standard variant, which was the sole option for this motorcycle until a few weeks ago.

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