Python climbs inside running truck, then jumps on to bike: Rescued by brave cop [Video]

With a vast amount of hinterlands around India, it is common to see snakes in less populated areas. Here is an instance where a massive python snake coiled itself around a TVS Sport motorcycle in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. A traffic police rescued the snake. Initially, the snake came out of the truck’s cabin and was spotted by the helper.

The video shows police trying to rescue the snake from the road. The snake then coils itself around the TVS motorcycle that was parked nearby. The truck driver and the helper spotted the snake while driving and immediately came to a stop when they saw the snake crawling around. Then the team of cops swung into action.

It was a long exercise to uncoil the snake. The cop used a rope to tie the snake and then slowly unwrap it from the bike. The team of cops finally rescued the snake and put it in the sack that was taken away by the forest department.

This is not the first time a snake has entered a four-wheeler in India. There have been several cases of snakes entering cars from various parts of the country. Snakes also sometimes enter motorcycles and scooters. While these reptiles are not commonly seen in urban residential areas, they are quite common in areas with larger green covers. Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles and seek warmer environments to regulate their body temperature. Automobiles, being made of metal, often provide an attractive option for these reptiles.

This is why it’s important for everyone to check their vehicles thoroughly before getting in. Additionally, there are a few precautions you can take to avoid encounters with snakes when your vehicle is parked at home.

Snakes can enter small crevices

Snakes can enter small crevices and hide there for days before making an appearance. Before driving your vehicle, it’s always a good idea to open the trunk and take a quick look, especially if the car has been sitting unused for a few days.

While the chances of snakes entering the cabin of a vehicle are slim, they can startle you if they suddenly appear on the windshield while you’re driving, potentially leading to accidents.

It’s also advisable to park your vehicle away from tall grass, as snakes are often found in such areas. If you do happen to spot a snake in your vehicle, it’s best to call an expert or an animal rescue team. Handling the situation on your own is not recommended.

Handling animals in this manner carries inherent risks. You can never be certain whether the snake is venomous or not. It’s always best to seek professional assistance rather than attempting to handle the snake yourself. To avoid such situations, there are several precautions you can take:

  • Avoid parking your vehicle near tall bushes, as snakes can use them to gain easy access.
  • Always inspect beneath the car and the engine bay before departing, especially if snakes are common in your area.
  • Check the car’s interior before starting a journey.
  • If you encounter a snake inside the car, try to remain calm. Reduce your speed, pull over to the side of the road, and promptly request assistance.

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