Punjab Police Bolsters Fleet with 71 Customised Kia Carens MPVs, Adds Toyota Hilux for Rugged Terrain

The Punjab Police department is undergoing a modernization drive, and its latest acquisition signifies a significant step in that direction. On February 14th, 2024, Kia India officially delivered 71 specially customized Kia Carens MPVs to the force, marking the automaker’s entry into the Purpose-Built Vehicle (PBV) segment in India.

These Carens MPVs are far from your average family car. They have been transformed to serve as Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs), playing a crucial role in providing swift assistance to citizens during critical situations.

To ensure optimal performance and functionality, several key modifications have been made:

• Enhanced Power: Under the hood, the standard 1.4-liter turbo petrol engine has been replaced with a more robust 1.5-liter naturally aspirated petrol unit. This engine, paired with a 6-speed manual transmission, offers better low-end torque and fuel efficiency, ideal for navigating dense urban environments and covering longer distances. Additionally, a larger 60Ah battery powers the additional equipment seamlessly.
• Safety: The Carens prioritize the safety of both officers and citizens. They are equipped with high-intensity strobe lights, a siren system, and prominent “Dial 112 – Emergency Response Vehicle” decals for enhanced visibility. All three rows of seats are retained, allowing for transportation of personnel or injured individuals. Additionally, the standard safety features like ABS, EBD, and airbags are carried over.
Tech-Savvy: Modern policing demands modern tools. These Carens MPVs come equipped with a dedicated communication system to facilitate seamless coordination between officers and control rooms. The spacious cabin also allows for the installation of additional equipment like laptops or medical kits, as needed.
• Comfort and Utility: While prioritizing functionality, the PBVs haven’t compromised on comfort. The Carens’ spacious interiors and adjustable seating offer adequate legroom and headroom for officers, even during long deployments. Additionally, ample storage compartments help organize essential equipment efficiently.

Punjab Police Kia Carens MPV 2

This addition coincides with another recent upgrade to the Punjab Police fleet. In January 2024, the department inducted 50 Toyota Hilux pickups, specifically chosen for their rugged capabilities and ability to handle challenging terrains. These vehicles will be deployed in rural areas and border regions, complementing the urban maneuverability of the Kia Carens.

Punjab Police inducted 121 units of the Toyota Hilux recently

Prior to these acquisitions, the Punjab Police fleet primarily consisted of sedans and SUVs from various manufacturers, including Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Toyota. While these vehicles served their purpose, the introduction of customized PBVs like the Carens and Hilux signifies a shift towards a more specialized and technologically advanced fleet, better equipped to meet the evolving demands of modern policing.

punjab police toyota hilux

This move has been met with positive reactions from various stakeholders. Police officials have lauded the enhanced capabilities and comfort offered by the new vehicles, expressing confidence that they will significantly improve response times and operational efficiency. Citizens, too, welcome the modernization, hoping it will contribute to improved safety and security in the state.

With these strategic additions, the Punjab Police are actively working towards building a more agile and responsive force, dedicated to serving the state effectively. The journey of modernization, however, is ongoing, and future acquisitions will likely focus on further specialization and integration of cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety and well-being of all Punjab residents.

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