Polo Ralph Lauren Returns to Skateboarding for Its Latest Collab

Just a few years ago, the idea of Polo Ralph Lauren officially collaborating with a skateboard company would have made any fashion prepster’s head spin in disbelief. But in 2018, to the shock of blazer enthusiasts and streetwear heads alike, the All-American style institution teamed up with the acid-tongued lads at Palace Skateboards. Now, some five years later, Polo is back with another unexpected collaboration—this time with the long-running skate brand Element.

The collection includes everything one needs for the fall season ahead: plaid shirts, chino pants, polos, sweatshirts, graphic tees, and caps, alongside an assortment of hard goods like wheels and skate decks. By and large, the clothes and accessories feature a beautiful, earthy palette of browns, greens, and blues—pitch-perfect for autumn and beyond. The standout piece from the capsule nods to a deep cut from a 1982 Ralph Lauren collection: a handsome, folksy, and intricately embroidered knit sweater. This time, the design gets reimagined with a woodsy schoolhouse and—you guessed it—a little skateboarder.

To celebrate the partnership, Ralph Lauren and Element brought 13 young skaters to Seek Skate Camp in the foothills of Mount Hood, an hour-long trek outside of Portland, Oregon. Over a week, the group explored nature, learned about veg dyeing, and even took a film photography course led by Joe Brook, a legendary photographer who has worked with Thrasher Magazine for over two decades. (The skaters took all of the 35mm photos seen here.) The goal was to immerse the skaters in nature, create new friendships, and spark fresh creativity on and off the board. “I see these kids coming in from different countries and making friends quickly. They speak different languages, but they speak the language of skateboarding,” says Donny Barley, a long-time East Coast skater and Element team rider.

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