Plantpeddler Educates the Educators During Its Greenhouse Workshop

Plantpeddler Educate the Educators

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During its annual Variety Day in early August, Plantpeddler also hosted an inaugural event to support and inspire the next generation of horticulturists and advocate for the industry.

Titled “Educate the Educators: Ag Educator Greenhouse Workshop Day”, it was a day of interactive learning for ag instructors, who have or are considering a greenhouse at their school. Instructors from almost 60 schools in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin attended the learning event. The teachers were able to receive continuing education hours for the day.

Along with the team at Plantpeddler, a multitude of industry representatives offered their time and talents to present workshops on greenhouse production, curriculum, and fundraising. In addition to industry reps, keynoting this event was Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig. Plantpeddler was proud to honor Glen Dillon, Mike’s former high school ag instructor, who he credits with being “The reason I got into horticulture.” This was a special moment for Mike and Glen, and a shining example to demonstrate how important and impactful teachers are to their students. This event was endorsed by the Iowa Department of Agriculture, Iowa State University Extension, Iowa State University Ag Education, and the Iowa FFA.

A video encompassing the highlights from the day has been created; this link will take you to the “Educate the Educators: Ag Educator Greenhouse Workshop Day” video on You Tube.

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