People travelling on the roof of Maruti Eeco is plain stupid: Dash cam video

The road infrastructure in most metro cities has improved, and most of them are well-connected with expressways and highways. However, one thing that is still lacking in many areas is the sense of proper driving etiquette and behavior on the road. There have been numerous instances where people have performed dangerous stunts on public roads, which is completely illegal. Another concerning trend popular among youngsters is standing out of the sunroof of a moving car. In this video, we can witness two individuals actually sitting on the roof of a moving Maruti Eeco van.

The video was uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel and was shared with him by a subscriber. This incident occurred near Delhi’s Akshardham temple on the Meerut-Delhi Expressway. The person who recorded the incident on their car’s dashcam was traveling on the same road when they spotted this car. The video shows a Maruti Eeco with a yellow registration plate driving on the highway. What sets this car apart is the roof rack on top with two people seated on it, accompanied by a couple of crates placed on the roof as well.

This behavior is incredibly dangerous. The car appears to be fully loaded, with additional crates inside. It seems that the car was transporting vegetables or other produce from a nearby wholesale market. Despite having passengers inside the car, these two individuals seemingly didn’t find enough space. Instead of opting for alternative transportation such as a cab or autorickshaw, they decided to perch on top of the car in an attempt to save money. However, this is an extremely perilous and unlawful practice on public roads.

Travelling on roof of car

As depicted in the video, both individuals are seated on the roof, completely exposed to dust and other elements. They lack any protection from potential hazards. The car was maintaining a speed between 60-70 kmph. If the driver were to abruptly apply the brakes for any reason, the individuals on the roof would be the first to be affected. They would likely be thrown off the roof due to insufficient time to grab onto something. This could result in severe injuries and damage. Vehicles approaching from behind wouldn’t have adequate time to stop, increasing the risk of colliding with the individuals who fell off the roof. It is indeed surprising that they managed to engage in such behavior on a public expressway, especially given the presence of law enforcement officers on a daily basis.

This behavior is unequivocally reckless. Instead of sitting on the roof, they should have secured the objects they were transporting there. These individuals were perhaps fortunate to escape the notice of law enforcement and potential accidents. However, their actions put their lives at risk and pose a threat to other road users. Drivers who do such trips should not encourage this behaviour as police can actually take strict action and even seize the vehicle. In the past, we have come across reports where cops have actually issued hefty fines against social media influencers who were doing stunts and being a nuisance on the road.

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