People Are Sharing Pictures Of Costco Food Court Menus From Around The World

There’s a Reddit forum for just about everything, but is there any better thread than r/Costco? No there is not. And this week, people are sharing pictures of Costco food court menus from around the world.

A few main takeaways: Yes, every place posted seems to have the mainstay quarter-pound, all-beef hot dog and soda meal. And it seems to be comparably affordable everywhere, too, although it’s around $2.15 in Iceland — probably because they are an island in the middle of the ocean and all of their food is more expensive. is this true? can we link to it?

And everywhere seems to offer relatively inexpensive food choices, too, just like in the U.S.

But after that, there are some really fascinating differences. Let’s take a closer look.

Costco Food Court: England

Across the pond, some things are the same, including pizza, chicken bakes, hot dogs, and soft serve. But at least at this Yorkshire Costco, there are some notable differences.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the jacket potato, which is the U.K.’s version of a baked potato. Customers can choose between baked beans, cheese, beef chili, or tuna salad on top — definitely different than what we are familiar with.

Next, they’ve got the mango smoothie, which only touched down briefly in the U.S. before disappearing again. And finally? A gelato cone — oh my god, I would not be able to walk to the exit past that sign ever without getting one.

Now add in a double chicken patty sandwich, which looks totally huge.

And the hot dog combo? After the currency conversion, they come in at about $1.90.

Costco Food Court: Iceland

Yes, Iceland has Costco. And yes, it is the same but different. Besides all of the hot springs and volcanos and Lord of the Rings backdrops, they also offer pepperoni pizza, strawberry sundaes, and the ever-present hot dog.

The biggest surprise?? A really good-looking cheese burger for around $8 USD.

In addition, they serve up the same gelato cone we saw in England, a frappe, and a couple of kinds of coffee drinks.

They also have something called “Mexico baka” — no idea what that is, but it looks like a chicken or beef bake?

Costco Food Court: Korea

In Korea they have pork hot dogs instead of beef ones, and that’s only the beginning of the differences.

They offer a chicken caesar salad — not available in many other countries beside the U.S. — as well as a chicken wrap.

The most amazing thing, according to me? In addition to a traditional cheese pizza, they offer bulgogi pizza. Feed me!

And, for some reason, mushroom soup. It looks pretty darn good, actually.

They also offer a strawberry latte, a hot coffee, and cold brew.

Finally: churros! They still have churros! Someone get me on a transcontinental flight immediately.

Costco Food Court: Canada

You might have heard tale of the Costco food courts in Canada, just because they are our neighbors to the north. In fact, you might have even been to one recently even if you live in the States. And there’s a lot of back-and-forth about who has the better food.

Well, let me just say: they have French fries and a chicken finger French fry basket. Seems like we already have a clear winner. Why don’t U.S stores carry fries or chicken fingers (which shoppers say completely slap, by the way)? One insider explained that our stores don’t have deep fryers, and adding them would be a big expense that’s also problematic because of warehouse fire codes in the states. Forget safety, give us chicken fingers!

The other offerings look pretty similar: the big cookies, which are a newer addition in the U.S., the ice creams (although they have cone options), and the ever-faithful hot dog meal. A small but important difference? They still offer the Polish hot dog option, which was discontinued in the U.S. in 2018.

And while this particular menu doesn’t show it, some Canadian Costco locations serve poutine. Which… would be the best thing ever.

Costco Food Court: Japan

Finally, let’s travel to Tokyo, where the food court offers some final surprises.

They have a shrimp katsu burger, which I would personally eat 12 of in one sitting. In addition, they offer a lovely looking cup of clam chowder and a bugolgi bake, which I will also order, thank you.

For the caffeine lovers, they offer hot drop coffee, lattes, and cold brews.

And their hot dog combo is even cheaper than anywhere else, coming in at $1.15.

Well, there you have it. As you can see, no two Costco food courts are the same once you cross national lines — and some menus look so much better than the ones we have in the states. Please, someone travel the world visiting each one and report back!

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