Pedro Pascal Wore a Big Suit (But No Shirt) on SNL

During the first half of 2023, Pedro Pascal was inescapable. He headlined two of the biggest shows on TV (The Mandalorian and The Last of Us), co-starred in a steamy Pedro Almodóvar short with fellow internet-darling hunk Ethan Hawke (Strange Way of Life), and then proceeded to promote the living daylights out of those projects in an ever-escalating string of Fashion Daddy fits—all culminating in an unforgettable pair of thigh-baring Valentino shorts on the Met Gala red carpet.

Following that Twitter-imploding leg moment, though, Pascal has been largely out of the public eye in recent months. Which is why, upon his reemergence on SNL this past weekend, the 48-year-old star brought out his menswear fastball to remind everyone he’s still at his blush-inducing best. Popping up for a quick cameo during host Bad Bunny’s monologue, Pascal sported one of the most iconic ensembles in all of fashion—a breezy pleated Issey Miyake suit—only revved up via a clash of electric hues and an alluring lack of a shirt. Combined with Bad Bunny’s own oversized double-breasted number, it was about as compelling a case for non-traditional tailoring as you’re ever likely to see.

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