Patagonia Cyber Monday Sale 2023: Jackets, Bags, and More

Technically, there’s no such thing as a Patagonia Cyber Monday sale. The brand steadfastly refuses to participate in the “shopping holiday.” (You may have even seen the brand’s founder, Yvon Chouinard, put Black Friday on blast in the pages of The New York Times a few days ago.) It’s a message we’re as always trying to keep in mind, even as we shovel the best possible Cyber Monday deals into your line of sight. (Only the best items, we promise!) Plus, Chouinard didn’t say anything about Cyber Monday, so… loophole? Okay, so that’s probably not in the spirit of his message.

Still, we’re here to help you get new Patagonia for cheap(er), and so we’ve sifted through the week’s best Cyber Monday sales at retailers like REI, Backcountry, and Huckberry to turn up a couple of rare Patagonia discounts. Patagonia doesn’t sell its goods on Amazon (so beware any Patagonia products you find listed there), but we checked the retailers that do carry the outdoor brand to make sure we found every discount worth shopping on this, the most unholy of shopping days.

The Best Cyber Monday Patagonia Deals Cheat Sheet

We’ve found deals on Patagonia’s cozy fleeces and outerwear, including a couple winter jackets. Plus, the kind of hiking- and outdoor-ready clothes wherein Patagonia nails the balance between trail-ready and aesthetically cool. You can also snoop around in Patagonia’s official Web Specials, where they host clearance items from past seasons.

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