Owner of 200 cars says that he trusts only Toyota [Video]

The Indian car market has been growing, and we have seen the entry of several new international brands into the country. While most of them are now working on new electric vehicles, ICE vehicles still dominate the market. Every manufacturer has its positives and negatives, and we have written about them in the past. Japanese car manufacturers like Toyota and Honda are known for their reliability. In the past, we have come across several videos of Toyota vehicle owners who speak about their experiences with the cars. Here, we have a video where the owner of over 200 cars speaks about his experience with the cars and why he only trusts Toyota.

The video has been shared by Baiju N Nair on their YouTube channel. In this video, the presenter speaks to the owner of MGS Travels, Mr. Anil from Kochi, Kerala. Mr. Anil has been in the taxi business since 1993. He used to rent his cars to government offices on a contract basis. Over the years, his business expanded, and he now has over 200 cars in his fleet. Like many fleet operators, Anil also kept updating his garage to stay in business. Some time ago, he bought around 20 Tata Tigor Xpres T EVs as commercial vehicles.

Mr. Anil mentions that when he initially approached the Tata dealership, they welcomed the proposal and promised to offer all the support needed. Mr. Anil even requested them to provide a service package for the EVs to make them more viable. Initially, they agreed to everything, but after taking delivery, things changed. Repairs and maintenance took too much time, and the cars even faced small issues. Anil can be heard saying that they do not offer the Tigor Xpres T for trips outside the city because of range issues. According to the video, the overall service experience with Tata Motors is not great. Similarly, he has faced issues with Maruti Suzuki as well. He mentions that he has replaced the battery packs on three of his Tigor EVs in the fleet that haven’t even completed 50,000 km. The Maruti Ertiga in the fleet has also had several issues after completing just 1 lakh km.

Mr. Anil with Tigor XPres T EV

According to Mr. Anil, the only vehicles that have been working without any issues in his fleet are the Toyota Innova and Innova Crysta. He currently has a couple of Innova MPVs that have completed over 4 lakh km and are still running just fine. They have not faced any issues with the vehicles so far and find them extremely reliable. He mentions that most manufacturers make cars for private segment users, and that’s why these cars have issues when they are offered as commercial vehicles. These vehicles are constantly put to the test every day and are abused more than private segment cars. The owner even shares his concern about battery replacement costs in EVs after the warranty is over. In this case, Toyota has proven to be a lot more reliable, and we already have a story published on our website explaining why Toyota cars are so reliable compared to others.

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