Owner gets Kia Carens pulled by donkey to protest multiple issues in the MPV [Video]

There have been multiple times in India that customers chose unique ways to register their protest against car manufacturers. Recently, an owner of Kia Carens protested by getting his vehicle pulled by a donkey in the front of the showroom. The video is now becoming viral.

The video shows the car owner from Kodinar, Junagadh, Gujarat getting the vehicle pulled by a donkey with the beats of drums to attract attention. The customer wanted people to be attentive to the problems of his Carens. The customer took out a procession with the vehicle.

Owner Pratapsinh Chavda, owner of Kia car from Kodinar, Gujarat said,

When I went to purchase this car, I was told about various features and facilities available in it. I booked the car, but later they raised the price and demanded Rs. 50,000 more. I paid that sum too, but after I took possession of my car, they refuse to fix the manufacturing defects in this car and behave angrily with me. I purchased this car on 30th June last year(2022). Till today, I have for number of times visited showroom of dealer and made complains regarding tyre, suspension, jump problems and other manufacturing defects. But there’s no response.

The owner said that he spent Rs 17.5 lakh on the Kia Carens. The customer wanted mental satisfaction but did not get any kind of support or good service from Kia.

While this is not the first time that customers have chosen to go down this route to show their displeasure against a car manufacturer, the owner of the Carens did not specify the problems that he is facing. We are not sure if the customer is facing problems due to mechanical failures, electrical issues or something else. While there are times when such problems are genuine and overlooked by the manufacturers, many other times, the concerns are not as big.

Lemon law in India

In developed countries, there is a ‘lemon law’, which says that any such defective car should either be replaced with a new vehicle or the owner should be given suitable compensation for the amount which he has spent for buying the vehicle. However, there is no such law present in India. However, in recent times, carmakers have been extra conscious of keeping a check on quality and have been carrying out required steps, like making a recall and replacing faulty parts under the warranty period.

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