Overalls, Leather Hats, and Louis Vuitton LeBron: Check Out the Biggest Tunnel Fits from NBA Opening Night

The first game of a new NBA season presents a blank canvas. Each team has the same 0-0 record, each player has a fresh opportunity to prove themselves, and perhaps most importantly, it kicks off a new cycle of tunnel fits. We all remember getting fresh for the first day of school. This is the basketball version of that. While the Nuggets, Lakers, Suns, and Warriors technically started a day early, Wednesday was opening night for most teams, and they gave us a veritable fashion show.

Some of the usual suspects stunned yet again, but the beauty of a new season is seeing some unexpected faces enter the NBA fashion space. (Dalen Terry, you are officially on our radar.) Rookies like Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson got their inaugural tunnel fits off, old heads showed that they’ve still got it, and the best part is, the NBA fit train doesn’t stop until June.

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Sit back, relax, and scroll through our 25 favorite NBA fits from the last two nights. Also, please remember: these are extremely tall professional athletes. You might not look the same if you try to replicate their outfits.

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