Orangetheory’s HQ is a 'personal care biohacking mecca' with weekly massages, sleep pods, and cold plunges, CEO says

For Dave Long, the CEO of Orangetheory, the idea of corporate wellness is more than a package of health care benefits. The leader of the fitness conglomerate, which offers 60-minute classes comprised of heart rate-based interval workouts, sees wellness at work as a daily investment. Long says it starts at the company’s headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, where a designated area is all about well-being at work. 

“It’s called the Oasis,” Long tells Fortune.  “It’s a bit of a personal care, biohacking mecca.”

Orangetheory is not only focused on providing exercise to customers but “everything you can think of for somebody literally right there in the office,” Long says.  “Our commitment to our staff there is to provide as much of a wellness platform as we can for them that’s anchored by the Orangetheory studio that’s there.”

“It’s a bit of a personal care, biohacking Mecca,” says Dave Long, CEO of Orangetheory Fitness, about their headquarters.

Courtesy of Orangetheory

The headquarter’s Oasis offers weekly massages, and houses workout rooms, sleep pods, cold plunges, different varieties of saunas, and a meditation room, Long says. 

Long doesn’t shy away from indulging in the glamorous wellness offerings of his HQ. He utilizes his company’s amenities and hopes that encourages others to do so. “The best leadership advice I’ve gotten is really leading by example,” which seems to apply beyond revenue building

In the midst of his work week, Long heads to the Oasis for cold plunging about three times a week in addition to his at-home plunges. He also visits studios across the company’s network to take classes. 

CEO Dave Long uses his headquarter’s cold plunge multiple times a week.

Courtesy of Orangetheory Fitness

“It’s fantastic for an employer to provide a toolkit and resources for employees, giving them the best environment to be successful and have the best kind of balance and wellness approach,” Long says. “We take that super seriously.” 

Workplaces have been swimming against the tide of pervasive employee burnout. As it pushes people out of the workforce and diminishes people’s sense of belonging at work, employers have been grappling with how to engage and retain employees by offering resources to support their health and well-being. 

While not every HQ can offer a spa day, it’s readily apparent that working hard and feeling mentally and physically sound go hand in hand. A new survey released this month from Gympass, a corporate wellness offering, found more employees—77%—are using their company’s wellness offerings compared to years prior. Over 90% of employees say they search for workplaces that prioritize wellbeing. A vast majority also say emotional and physical wellness boosts their productivity and work satisfaction.

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