One month-old 2023 Tata Nexon Facelift catches fire: SUV totally destroyed [Video]

Tata Motors is popular among buyers for its solid build quality. Tata is currently the only car manufacturer in India with the most number of 5-star rated cars in its lineup. Just like any other car manufacturer, Tata is also not perfect, and there have been cases where customers have faced several issues with their cars, and the service center has been unable to resolve them. Recently, we came across a video where a month-old Tata Nexon facelift version, the Creative Plus S variant, had caught fire while driving. The occupants of the car survived, but the car turned into ashes within 30 minutes.

The video was shared by Adhiraj Samdani on YouTube. In this video, we see a Tata Nexon on fire. It is not clear whether the person recording the video is actually the owner of the car or not. The title of the video says this is an EV; however, the number plate says otherwise. The car gets a white-colored registration plate, which means this is the ICE version of the sub-4-meter SUV. We checked for other reports of this fire online and found that the car was only one month old, and it was the Creative Plus S variant of the Nexon.

With the facelift, Tata had renamed all its variants, naming them Smart, Pure, Creative, and Fearless. There are several sub-variants under these main variants. The video was recorded from a distance. The front of the car caught fire, and the fire consumed the rest of the car. It seems like the car that caught fire was registered in Uttar Pradesh (the registration number is clear), and judging by the smog, the incident happened somewhere in the Delhi NCR region.

Nexon caught fire

Tata has not yet come forward with any official statement related to this accident. This is not the first time a Tata car has caught fire while driving. The owner of the Nexon has tweeted that Tata Motors is in constant touch with him and his family, and is co-operating with them.

Last month, a Tata Harrier Dark Edition that was only 6 months old caught fire while driving. Similarly, a brand new Tata Safari SUV also caught fire while parked in the porch. In this case, Tata Motors took action and investigated the matter. It was revealed upon investigation that the fire was caused by the dry leaves accumulated in the underbody engine guard.

Returning to the Nexon fire, there is currently no clarity on what actually caused the fire. We assume that the owner of the car and passengers might have left the car on the side of the road and ran to safety when they saw smoke or fire from under the bonnet. The Creative Plus S variant is decently loaded with features, and we are not sure if the owner had made some aftermarket modifications to the car or not.

Often, these modifications are not done using proper quality wires and materials. This can cause a short circuit or even a fire like this in many cases. We hope Tata Motors will look into this matter and offer clarity to the customer. Tata recently launched the Nexon facelift in the market, and the price for the same starts at Rs 8.10 lakh, ex-showroom, and goes up to Rs 15.50 lakh, ex-showroom.

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