On the Road With Anze Kopitar, Who Has No Regrets About His Frosted Tips Era

Kopitar (left) at the Kings’ 2017 exhibition game in Shanghai

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Do they have a hockey culture in China?

There’s actually a [Chinese] team that plays in the KHL now, the Russian league. That’s what kind of kickstarted it. I don’t know how much it stuck. But we had a good time. It was a really nice experience.

Are you a room service guy? Or do you like to go find a restaurant?

I like to think that I mix it up. I maybe go out a little more than I do room service, but sometimes room service just hits the spot. Maybe the food is not as good, but not having to leave the room is just what the doctor ordered sometimes. I can definitely cave it up with the best of them.

Do you have a go-to room service order?

I’m not going to lie to you…Caesar salads are very good at hotels! You can’t go wrong! I feel like the entrees vary based on what time it is, right? For dessert, the lava cake usually hits the spot.

For you, what makes a good hotel and what makes a bad hotel?

I don’t know, probably just the size of the room? I’m not claustrophobic, but I’m also not the biggest fan of tiny. When you have a good ratio between room and bathroom, and if it has a tub in there—or a walk-in shower and a tub?—the deal is pretty good. Oh, water pressure is huge. The water pressure needs to be good.

When you first got to America, were there any American snacks or fast food restaurants that you tried for the first time and then became obsessed with?

Not so much fast food, but I didn’t really eat sushi before I got over here. Obviously in LA, there’s a ton of really high end sushi places. When you eat there, you’re kind of ruined, because you can’t really go to a normal one anymore. Luckily here in Manhattan Beach there’s a place I love to go with the guys or with the family. That’s kind of our spot. There’s a Nobu in Newport Beach, but this one here is very similar. So it’s like, drive to Nobu—which takes 45 minutes—or seven minutes? Seven minutes takes the cake every time.

Where’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled?

It’s hard to say. Slovenia is actually really nice, but I don’t know if that counts as travel. I really recommend it! But, Hawaii is nice, and I am a big fan of vacationing in Croatia. I’ve been doing that, literally, since I was a baby. The last few years we’ve been renting a boat and just sleep on the boat. Then we can cruise around the little islands. It’s the best thing.

Where’s somewhere you haven’t been yet but are dying to go?

I want to go to Japan for sure. I’d like to go to Dubai too, but Japan is top of the list.

When you’re packing for a road trip, what are the things you absolutely have to bring?

Toiletry kit is number one. There’s not too much extracurricular material. I’m not a big floss guy. Just your basic stuff. If we go to Canada, passport is high on the list.

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