Olivia Rodrigo Revealed the TikTok-Beloved Cup She Can't Live Without

Olivia Rodrigo is a lot of things: Multi-talented (she blitzed the Disney-actor-to-musician career pivot with ease). Insanely successful (she’s two-for-two on #1 albums in Sour and her latest, Guts). Capable of crystallizing teenage angst into flawlessly crafted emo-pop singalongs for everyone (go ahead, try not to scream-chant the end of “teenage dream”). But Olivia Rodrigo is, above all, human, and just as susceptible to influencer marketing as the rest of us. Which is how she came across the viral Stanley Cup (non-NHL version), the gargantuan mug that’s taken the world by storm.

“I was actually TikTok influenced into buying this,” explains Rodrigo in her GQ 10 Essentials video as she gently cradles the base of Stanley’s “The Quencher” H2.0 Flowstate(™) 40 oz. Tumbler in Lavender. The Stanley Cup (as it’s known on the street) has been a hot commodity on TikTok and IRL for at least a couple years now, to the point that it’s sparked meta memes about its ubiquity and sheer enormity. With Rodrigo’s declaration, though, the vessel’s earned the ultimate testimonial: “I was like, I need this, it looks like it’s going to change my life,” she says. “And it did.”

That’s partly because Rodrigo’s not just carrying around 40 ounces of plain H2O. No, she’s using hers for soda. Craft soda. That she discovered in the supposed U.S. epicenter of craft sodas.

“I did live in Utah for a while, and Utah is the land of specialty craft sodas,” says Rodrigo, uttering a sentence most people never dreamed of hearing. “This [the Stanley Cup] is what they put the sodas in. It’s like Diet Coke and coconut creamer and lemon juice, and all of this fun stuff to doctor up your sodas. I’m into that. It’s really fun.”

Amazon still has some Flowstate Tumblers in stock (for now) and you can get the 40-ounce Quencher in a slew of colors, or the smaller 30-ounce cup, if you don’t mind sacrificing some of your own craft soda carrying ability.

Rodrigo dropped a few more of her obsessions in the video, including her favorite weighted blanket (“the best type of suffocation”), the snack she keeps in three rooms of her house (“I inhale it like oxygen”), and the artist-inspiring book that helped her through “the pressure of making a sophomore record.” Pour a big mug of fizzy drink and watch for yourself.

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