Old, neglected Hero Honda CBZ restored to brand-new condition [Video]

For some people, old cars and bikes mean nothing more than scrap metal. However, for some passionate enthusiasts, these forgotten rusty vehicles mean a lot, and their primary objective is to return them to their original condition. Recently, a video of an old, dilapidated condition Hero Honda CBZ motorcycle, which was an iconic bike from 2004, was shared online. In this video, a mechanic of a shop was seen restoring this bike with a modern flair and bringing it to a mint condition.

The Restoration of the 2004 Hero Honda CBZ Star

The video of this restoration project of the 2004 Hero Honda CBZ Star has been shared on YouTube by Repair and Restoration on their channel. The video starts off with the mechanic and his friend bringing out the old CBZ from an alleyway filled with pipes and bamboo. The bike is then taken to the shop, and the mechanic begins taking apart the bike.

First off, the main seat of the bike is removed, and after which all of the bigger and smaller components are removed one by one. After the seats, he disassembles the rear body covers, rear grab handle, and the fuel tank as well. The main tubular single-cradle frame of the CBZ gets exposed. Following this, the mechanic takes off the engine of the bike as well.

Next up, he starts with the engine rebuild of this bike, where he takes out the piston from the head. He then cleans the cylinder head, and a mill is passed through it to clean and resurface the inner cylinder. Next up, he starts putting back together the single piston, chain, and covers of the engine before spraying new primer on the engine.

Following the engine rebuild, the mechanic of the shop starts working on the body panels and the fuel tank of the bike. He first sands down the old rusted fuel tank and removes all the surface rust from it. After this, he performs the same with the body panels. Lastly, he cleans up everything before giving the bike a brand new silver paint job.

Old, neglected Hero Honda CBZ restored to brand-new condition [Video]

Next up, after spraying the first layer of paint, the video shows him applying the original stickers to the fuel tank and the body panels. After carefully doing this task, the fuel tank and panels are given a last coat of clear paint to protect these stickers from weathering. During the fuel tank and body painting process, the video also shows the frame of the bike being painted in black color as well.

Soon after this, the entire bike gets put back together. The mechanic can be seen refitting the engine to the newly painted chassis and plugging in all the electrical connections. Additionally, the newly red-painted rear grab handle is added in addition to all the other body panels and the fuel tank of the Hero Honda CBZ Star. Finally, the fully assembled bike is shown in the video with a comparison between the old and the new condition.

Hero Honda CBZ Star

Old, neglected Hero Honda CBZ restored to brand-new condition [Video]

The 2004 Hero Honda CBZ Star came equipped with a 156cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine. This engine was capable of producing 12.8 bhp of power and 12.5 Nm of torque. It came with a self-start feature, and it could hit a top speed of 125 kmph. The bike boasted a newer design compared to its previous-generation model.

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