Ola to showcase its upcoming electric bike concepts at the 2023 MotoGP India Grand Prix

The highest class of motorcycle racing sanctioned by the FIA, MotoGP, will be making its first-ever debut in India. The first inaugural MotoGP Grand Prix, sponsored by IndianOil, will be held at the Buddh International Circuit. The race will take place on the 24th of September, which is a Sunday, and all the top bike racers from around the world, along with their teams, have arrived at the circuit. Taking the golden opportunity of marketing with this historic event, Ola Electric, the country’s largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer, has announced that it will be showcasing its new range of electric bike concepts at the BIC. Ola Electric will also lend their S1 Pro electric scooters for the support activities.

The company has announced that its newest range of electric bikes, which were recently unveiled, will be on display at the race event. The bikes include the all-new Ola Electric Diamondhead, Roadster, Adventure, and Cruiser; all four bikes will be present at the show. Ola Electric also announced that the company will be lending the organizers of the event their S1 Pro Electric scooters as well for the on-track support activities. The marshal support will also be utilizing their electric scooters.

Commenting on the announcement of Ola Electric scooters being part of the 2023 season of the MotoGP, Anshul Khandelwal, CMO of Ola Electric, stated, “Much like MotoGP is the epitome of two-wheeler racing, Ola represents the best of EV two-wheelers. As we step into the passionate realm of motorcycles, we are immensely thrilled to participate in a global motorsports event, where we can showcase the future of the motorcycle and share Ola’s vision, engineering, and technology on a global scale.”

Ola Electric recently, at its inaugural Customer Day live event, took the covers off of the four new electric motorbikes, namely the Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster, and Diamondhead. These brand-new bikes signify the company’s aim to penetrate the rapidly growing electric motorbike market in India. Currently, all of the bikes are in the development and prototype stage. The company will be launching these EV bikes in the coming years.

Ola to showcase its upcoming electric bike concepts at the 2023 MotoGP India Grand Prix

The first of the four bikes unveiled by the company was the Ola Electric Cruiser. This motorcycle seemed to have taken its inspiration from Italian sportsbike maker Ducati and features a low-slung cruiser seating position. According to the company, the Cruiser will offer an approximate range of 200-250 km, enabling it to serve both city commutes and short road trips. Notably, the Cruiser features a single swing-arm rear wheel and a USD fork-equipped front wheel, measuring 17 inches and 19 inches, respectively.

Ola to showcase its upcoming electric bike concepts at the 2023 MotoGP India Grand Prix

Next up, the company showcased the Ola Electric Adventure motorcycle. This will be a massive adventure motorcycle designed for off-road usage. This bike will feature an imposing and upright stance, tailored for rugged terrain. It will also feature the same electric powertrain as the Cruiser. Ola Electric also showcased the Roadster motorcycle, which was the only prototype that moved utilizing its own power.

Ola to showcase its upcoming electric bike concepts at the 2023 MotoGP India Grand Prix

Lastly, the company showcased the most unique offering from its lineup, the Diamondhead. This is the flagship bike from the company and features a very unique design with an interesting-looking conical front and differently designed suspension. It will get a digital dashboard and a distinctive design language that reminds of the Tesla Cybertruck. The front wheels of the flagship Diamondhead will boast dual discs, while the rear wheel will feature a single disc.

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