Ola S1 Pro: Hilarious Video Shows Charging Struggles Of EV Owners In Apartments

As electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the country, people are facing new types of problems. Recently, a short video shared on the popular social media platform Instagram has shed light on the amusing struggles faced by EV owners in apartment complexes. The video shows how an Ola Electric scooter owner used his brain to find a way around the problem of the parking not having an electric scooter charging point. Over the last few days, this video has gone viral and has garnered a lot of eyeballs with this ingenious makeshift way to charge this electric scooter.

The viral video showcasing the Ola Electric S1 Pro owner’s solution to the lack of dedicated charging infrastructure in the apartment parking lot has been shared on Instagram by Royal Swathi on their page. In the video, it can be noted that the charger for this scooter was hanging from the owner’s apartment window in a jute bag. The entire charger was hanging in the air and was connected to the plug inside the home and the scooter parked below. The comical scene has brought attention to the ongoing challenges EV owners face in finding suitable charging solutions within apartment complexes.

Not the first such incident

Ola S1 Pro: Hilarious Video Shows Charging Struggles Of EV Owners In Apartments

In a related incident in Bengaluru, another electric scooter owner by the name of Vish Ganti, Vice President of Product Management & GM AutoGrid India, shared his problem online a while ago. In his post, Ganti stated that after a four-month battle for permission to install an EV charging point in the apartment parking area, he was left with no alternative. In a humorous protest, Ganti took his Ather electric scooter into the elevator and brought it up to his fifth-floor apartment, where he charged it in his kitchen. This post also managed to garner a lot of attention when it was first shared online.

Why do apartment buildings not have provisions for charging EVs?

As understood by the above incidents, the issue of apartment buildings not having charging infrastructures is a huge and very common issue. And if you are wondering why this is the case, then the following are some of the reasons.

High initial Infrastructure Costs

Ola S1 Pro: Hilarious Video Shows Charging Struggles Of EV Owners In Apartments

Apartment complexes, especially older ones, face substantial upfront costs in creating EV charging infrastructure. The investment required for setting up charging stations and the associated electrical systems is something that not a lot of apartment building owners and societies approve of.

Limited Space for Retrofitting in Older Buildings

Another one of the major reasons behind the retrofitting of old buildings with EV charging infrastructure is the structural limitations of older apartment buildings. Often these old buildings restrict the availability of space for retrofitting charging stations. This constraint then becomes a huge challenge in accommodating the necessary electrical infrastructure.

Lack of Awareness about Growing EV Demand

Many apartment complexes also lack awareness about the increasing demand for EV charging. The only solution to this problem is to educate the residents and management about the benefits and necessity of charging infrastructure, which is crucial for fostering support.

Ola S1 Pro: Hilarious Video Shows Charging Struggles Of EV Owners In Apartments

Concerns About Return on Investment Due to Tenant Turnover

Generally, what happens in India is that apartments hesitate to invest in EV charging infrastructure due to concerns about the return on investment, particularly when faced with tenant turnover. The fear of not recouping the initial costs hinders the willingness to embrace EV-friendly solutions.

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