Ola S1 Pro electric scooter owner protests in front of service centre with banner

The Ola electric scooter is currently one of the most popular and talked-about electric scooters in the country. However, it is also a brand that has received a lot of criticism from customers. There are several videos discussing the positives and negatives of the scooter, and we have addressed this topic multiple times on our website. Aftersales service is a major issue faced by brands in India, and Ola is no exception. Here, we have an image from Kerala that has been circulating on the internet. The customer actually hung a banner on his scooter in front of the service center after not receiving any response from the team.

The pictures have been shared on a parody Twitter account of Ola Electric. The post states, “This is not the OLA Future Factory; it is the service center with lots of defective scooters… Customers have started protests in front of the service center with banners.” Below this post is an image clearly showing an Ola S1 Pro electric scooter parked in front of the Ola Electric service center.

Initially, when Ola launched the scooters in the market, they had no plans to set up a physical service center or showroom. However, when they started delivering vehicles and people began complaining about the lack of a proper service center, they started setting up experience centers in different parts of the country. This would also allow people to have a closer look at the vehicle before making a purchase.

Ola scooter owner protesting

In this particular case, the customer of the Ola scooter has parked his scooter in front of the service center for six days. He has not heard from the Ola service center since then, nor has he received any intimation message about the scooter that he left at the store. The problem with his scooter is that it stops immediately after reaching 20 percent charge. He has been using the scooter for one year. He also mentions that he has not received any calls from the service center since he left the scooter, and when he tries to contact them, they do not answer. Additionally, he states that the alignment bush on his scooter has been changed five times.

The post mentions that the scooter is parked in front of the service center along with other defective scooters. This is not the first time we have come across a report like this. Below this post, we can see other Ola scooter customers sharing their negative experiences. Ola has responded to them and asked for the details as per standard operating procedures (SOP). One of the customers even referred to Ola as a scam company. Since its launch, the electric scooter has faced several issues. Some scooters from the initial batch even caught fire. Additionally, the scooter has encountered numerous firmware issues. In many cases, the scooter would automatically engage reverse gear and fail to return to neutral. Another issue was the breaking of one-sided front forks, for which Ola conducted a recall and is replacing them with a better and reinforced version free of charge.

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