Noted fashion designer Prasad Bidapa’s son in Tata Nexon caught abusing cop after driving drunk [Video]

We have been receiving reports of road rage incidents from different parts of the country almost every day. However, one city’s name comes up in the news very often – Bengaluru. The recent case comes from Yelahanka New Town in Bengaluru, where the son of a noted fashion designer, Prasad Bidapa, Adam Bidapa, was stopped by the police after a person complained to the police that Adam Bidapa was following him and threatened him. Things escalated after the fashion designer’s son abused the cop after he was stopped for drunk driving. The video of Adam Bidapa abusing the cop over his religion has been circulating online.

The video has been shared by Hate Detector on X (formerly Twitter). The video was recorded by someone who was present at the scene. According to reports circulating online, Rahul Unnikrishnan, a student in Bengaluru, was traveling in his car. He was actually returning home from Hebbal when he came across Adam’s car near Yelahanka. Adam was seen driving the Tata Nexon recklessly on the road. He was honking continuously behind Rahul’s car. The student even mentioned that Adam was threatening him. Rahul also told the police that Adam almost hit his car.

After this, Adam started following Rahul’s car and blocked the way. It was then that Rahul called the police. The police responded immediately and reached the scene. This is where things started going south for Adam. He was clearly drunk, as evident in the video. When the police approached him and spoke to him about the issue, Adam claimed that he had not been following Rahul’s car. However, Rahul, in his complaint, mentioned that Adam was threatening and also stated that he had powerful connections.

Drunk Nexon driver abusing cop

The drunk driver’s conversation with the cop is clearly heard in the video. He can be heard saying, “Hey, Ghouse, Ghouse Pasha, a Muslim, musalmaan naa…” He is clearly seen abusing the cop for being Muslim. He even asks the cops not to touch him in the video. The police arrested Adam after the complaint, and he was later released on station bail. According to the report, the breathalyzer detected a high alcohol content. The case was registered after the test results came out positive. The report mentions that the blood alcohol level was 127 mg/100 ml, whereas the permissible amount is 30 mg/100 ml.

A case has been registered against Adam Bidapa under the IPC sections 279 (rash driving or riding on a public way), 341 (wrongful restraint), 504 (intentional insult with the intent to provoke a breach of peace), and 506 (criminal intimidation). Driving is a task that has to be done in a responsible manner. Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is illegal almost everywhere in the world. The reason behind that is quite simple: drunk people tend to lose their senses and have a slower response time to obstacles on the road. This often results in accidents. In many cases, these drunk drivers crash their vehicles into other innocent road users. They are not only a risk to themselves but also a risk to others on the road. It is always recommended to leave your car behind and take a cab if you are under the influence of alcohol.

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