Nobody Looks Cooler in Thom Browne Suits Than Boygenius

Each night, the indie-rock supergroup Boygenius turns to a few beloved brands to deliver their juggernaut stage show: Fender, Danelectro, B.C. Rich, Gretsch, and… Thom Browne. Over the past three months, the American designer’s delightful shrunken suiting has been the go-to look for the trio of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. In recent years, Thom Browne has evolved from a niche high-end menswear label to a go-to fashion source for major stars like LeBron James and Odell Beckham Jr., even landing an unmissable cameo on the latest season of The Bear. Still, it’s both surprising and delightful to see the designer’s threads show up, night in and night out, on the backs of a red-hot folk rock band.

Frank Hoensch

It all started back in June, when Dacus posted a selfie with an entire rack of Browne’s instantly recognizable gray flannel tailoring in the background. That turned out to be Boygenius’s costumes for their globe-spanning summer tour—though unlike the uniformity of the Thom Browne suits once worn by FC Barcelona or the Cleveland Cavaliers, the band have opted for more of a choose-your-own adventure approach to the designer’s vast catalog. One night, Baker will sport a sleeveless, OBJ-esque ensemble, Bridgers a dress and slouchy blazer, and Dacus a neat three-piece suit. The very next show, it’ll be Dacus in a skirt, Bridgers in a tie and trousers, and Baker in a full suit. But because it all hails from the Thom Browne universe—right down to the socks and the sunglasses—the trio still looks like a combined unit.

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