New Maruti Brezza modified with 17-inch alloy wheels [Video]

The Maruti Suzuki Brezza is currently the most popular sub-compact SUV in India. This SUV has retained this spot for a long time, and no other car is able to dethrone it from the top spot. A ton of people in the country love this car, and they especially love its base LXi variant. What a lot of people also love to do is buy the base variant of this SUV and then modify it according to their taste and requirements. Recently, a video of a new fully modified Maruti Suzuki Brezza was shared online.

Exterior modifications

The modification video of this particular Maruti Suzuki Brezza comes courtesy of Rohit Mehta Sai Auto Accessories on their channel. The presenter of the video starts off the video by introducing the modified car. He states that this particular car is called the Grand Brezza. The “Grand” part has been taken from the Brezza’s elder sibling in the lineup, the Grand Vitara.

He states that the car gets a brand new set of 17-inch alloy wheels and new tires. These new diamond-cut alloy wheels resemble the newly launched Kia Seltos compact SUV and Hyundai Alcazar seven-seater SUV’s alloy wheels. The presenter mentions that when they switch the old steel wheels and tires of the car, they offer a buyback, and this becomes a discount on the new upgraded bigger alloy wheels and tires.

New Maruti Brezza modified with 17-inch alloy wheels [Video]

Next up, he moves to the front of the vehicle and mentions that the SUV gets brand new elements for the front bumper that add to the muscular appearance. He adds that they have also added a strip of LED on top of the headlights to give it a DRL appearance. After this, he shows the rear end of the SUV as well. This Maruti Suzuki Brezza also gets a brand new rear diffuser with four fake chrome exhaust tips as well.

Interior modifications

New Maruti Brezza modified with 17-inch alloy wheels [Video]

Moving on, the presenter in the video shows the fully customized interior of the SUV as well. He mentions that the SUV gets a brand new white and black dual-tone interior color scheme. The seat covers are shown, which have been finished in white color. He adds that the door panels of this SUV have also been wrapped.

He also mentions that they have also added a genuine Maruti Suzuki Brezza central armrest as well. The presenter also shows the updated hypersonic touchscreen Android infotainment system. As for the music system upgrade, he mentions that they have added a Harmon Infinity Mini BassLink 100 RMS woofer. A set of four speakers and tweeters have also been added to this car, states the presenter.

New Maruti Brezza modified with 17-inch alloy wheels [Video]

Lastly, he also mentions that the car gets a set of brand-new LED headlight bulbs along with fog lamp bulbs. For the door panels, they have added additional sound-dampening material as well. This dampening helps in reducing the road noise that comes through the doors and floors. The presenter also shows the fully functional new steering with infotainment controls as well.

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