Need Some High-Tech Indoor Growing Equipment? Here’s Your Chance

Aerofarms Original FacilityIn April 2023, vertical farming company Aerofarms announced that it was moving all operations from its original Newark, NJ, facility to its new state-of-the-art facility in Danville, VA. With the transition to Danville complete, the assets in the Newark facility are now available for sale through auction.

SecondBloom Auctions, a leading auction management firm in the controlled agriculture space, has been selected to oversee the sale of key assets from AeroFarms’ original vertical farming facility. The online auction, which started Monday, August 28 and runs through September 18, includes specialized agriculture equipment such as lighting systems, automation technology, racking, and more. Asset removal must be completed by September 28.

“We look forward to leveraging our expertise to ensure a smooth transition that maximizes value for Aerofarms’ stakeholders,” says Chris Lange, CEO of SecondBloom Auctions. “Interested parties can learn more about the auction at”

Aerofarms representatives will be onsite at the 212 Rome facility during the preview days on September 7-8 to showcase assets and assist potential bidders. Interested bidders are required to fill out the advanced viewing form on SecondBloom Auctions’ website under the auction lot they are interested in. The Aerofarms team will also coordinate and oversee the asset removal by winning bidders.

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