Natalie Portman Goes Full ‘Clueless’ In Mini Tweed Skirt Set

Natalie Portman has shown herself to be someone who operates on her own fashion schedule. After bringing back the skinny jean last month month, Portman turned up to the IAA Conference wearing another yesteryear style. Though instead of referencing the mid-2000s, this time, her look nodded to one of the ‘90s most recognizable fictional characters.

On Tuesday, the actress was seen in Munich, Germany wearing a plaid skirt set à la Cher Horowitz in Clueless. Though Portman’s look was in a muted pink, blue, and black palette, it had all the makings of Horowitz’s iconic yellow and black set: an ultra-mini skirt, a boxy cropped blazer, and some sort of statement shoe.

The 42-year-old hasn’t been afraid to invite comparisons to the Clueless character before, like last summer when she wore a near replica of the famed skirt and blazer. However, this time, Portman’s pieces were designed in a textured tweed fabric and trimmed with accents of gold hardware. Up top, she layered the cropped blazer over a white graphic t-shirt. While the strong-shouldered piece was ideal for the more formal setting, her ultra-mini bottom took the ensemble in a rather leggy direction.

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Portman tucked the matching piece, which finished near the mid-thigh area, into her t-shirt. The skirt flared out slightly, but had a sizable pleated panel at the front which was a welcomed detail to the rather simple silhouette. At the waistband, things finished off with a gold turnlock clasp.

While Cher Horowitz certainly would have added in an above-the-knee pair of socks and some sort of sweater vest, Portman went the open-toe route with her footwear choice. She opted for towering wedge sandals to round out the look.

Though Portman was attending the Munich event to discuss her sustainability efforts, she is set to appear in the romantic drama May December which comes out in November. In it, she stars opposite Julianne Moore as she plays an actress preparing for an upcoming biopic centered around Gracie Atherton-Yu’s (Moore) salacious romance with Joe Yu (played by Charles Melton).

“The whole film is so much about performance and the different roles we play in different environments, for different people, for ourselves, even,” Portman said. “The expectations are different on you all the time and it affects how you behave, whether you’re buying into it, whether you’re rejecting it or whether you’re doing something in between.”

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