Monrovia to Stop Leasing Connecticut Property, Will Move Production to Other Locations

Cotoneaster Shear Genius (Monrovia)

Cotoneaster ‘Shear Genius’

Monrovia recently issued an update on its Connecticut growing operations. The company has been leasing the land at its Granby, CT, location since 2014. The landowners now plan to use the property for a solar farm installation. After careful consideration of the future growth opportunities at all of its nurseries, Monrovia has agreed to give up its lease in 2025.

Monrovia issued the following statement:

“This decision is based on Monrovia’s future growth strategies and not on financial hardship. In fact, 2023 was one of Monrovia’s most positive and productive years, despite cost pressures. The New England market is a strong and growing sales market for our brand. We are confident we will continue the growth we have seen in this region.

Connecticut is our smallest nursery and the land has layout limitations on automation and future innovations. In recent years, Monrovia has made several organizational and site improvements that will allow us to service the New England market from our locations in Georgia, California, and Oregon. We will continue to trial and test in cold zones, grow regionally appropriate plants for the Northeast, and provide excellent service to our customers in this region and throughout the U.S.

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We have negotiated a gradual timeline to exit the property in phases and expect that task to be completed by August 2025. There will be no effect on plant availability during this phasing. We have also had extensive discussions with the owners of this property, and feel confident that the parcel will continue to be utilized in a positive and responsible manner that will benefit the town of Granby and its residents.

We have a talented and dedicated team of craftsmen in Connecticut. Every effort will be made to transfer our craftsmen to other positions within the company. We will be offering incentives for remaining at the Connecticut facility through 2025, providing relocation assistance, and supplying resources to help with future job searches.

This has been a carefully considered decision. For Monrovia’s future vision, it makes sense for us to cease growing operations in Connecticut, continue to focus on growth and innovation in growing operations at our remaining nurseries, and support the development of sustainable energy resources in the region.”

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