Mom has tears in her eyes after catching son speeding on a motorcycle [Video]

India is one of the largest markets for two-wheeler manufacturers in the world. There are many brands available to Indian customers when it comes to two-wheelers. Lately, electric bikes and scooters have also started attracting customers. Brands like KTM are known for offering affordable performance motorcycles, which is one of the major reasons behind their popularity. Many people who own such powerful motorcycles often don’t know how to use them and they frequently end up performing stunts and riding recklessly on the road. Here, we have a video that has surfaced online, showing a mother tearing up after catching her son speeding on a motorcycle.

The video has been shared by the Uttarakhand Traffic Police on their Twitter profile. This section was probably excerpted from a video posted on YouTube. Many youngsters who own expensive and high-performance bikes have a trend among themselves to record their rides. They often use action cameras like GoPro or other more affordable alternatives to do so. In order to make their videos go viral, they frequently ride rashly and subsequently post those videos online. Here, we see one such video that has gone viral. In this video, we witness a KTM RC rider talking to his mother on the side of the road.

The incident likely took place somewhere in Uttarakhand. The mother was actually scolding the child for his irresponsible behavior on the road. She can be heard saying that people have been complaining to her that her child rides the bike recklessly. This time, she saw him do the same, which triggered this reaction. The mother can be seen taking the key away from the bike while scolding her son. The son is trying to justify his actions by saying that there was no one else on the road. She is not convinced, and while attempting to scold her son, she nearly starts crying and walks away.

Mother scolding biker

She can be heard asking him not to ride recklessly and to be much more mindful on the road. The video is being circulated on the internet to raise awareness among people. The tweet asks people to think about their fathers, mothers, spouses, and siblings at home before engaging in such irresponsible acts on the road. They urge people to be much more responsible on the road. The concern that the mother expresses in this video is very genuine. Every day, we come across reports where bikers get involved in major accidents. Many people lose their lives in such accidents. In numerous cases, innocent people suffer in such accidents.

The video doesn’t show what the rider was exactly doing on the road, but from the mother’s reaction, it’s quite evident that it wasn’t safe. It also appears to be a narrow mountain road, which increases the risk factor even further. We can observe a curve on the road. Sometimes, people fail to use their horns while taking turns on mountain roads. There have been cases where people overtaking vehicles on blind curves have caused accidents. On mountain roads, even a minor mistake can be highly perilous. Once again, public roads are not meant for stunts, and one should always adhere to the rules and be considerate of other road users.

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