Mom Confused After Dropping Daughter Off At 7-Hour Birthday Party

Would you drop your elementary-aged child off at a seven-hour-long birthday party? One mom posted on TikTok that she was in shock after dropping her daughter off for a birthday party that would take up most of the day. She mostly questioned the hosting mom’s sanity in jest.

“I just dropped my daughter off for a seven-hour birthday party, seven hours from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. at somebody’s house with 15 other second and third-grade girls,” TikTok user @moderatelycomfy begins her video.

“As I was about to leave, I said to the mom, I’m like, ‘Are you sure? Eight o’clock?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, eight o’clock.’ The way I could never.”

After the video went viral, several TikTok users commented with varying opinions. Some thought that seven hours was way too long for a birthday party, questioning the OP about how she could leave her child for that long.

“That’s way too long and drop off at this age? WILD,” one user wrote.

In a follow-up video, the OP explained further after receiving questions about the lengthy party.

“A lot of people have been like, ‘Do you know these people? I would never leave my child for seven hours with somebody.’ And I totally, totally, totally respect that,” she said.

“It’s hard to kind of explain. We live in a really small community and all of the girls that are going to this party all play ice hockey together, and the family is very well known and we felt comfortable with this family. We wouldn’t allow our child to go somewhere for this duration of time if we didn’t.”

“And so, I totally respect and can see people’s concerns, but I did just want to say like, this isn’t something that we would just do without putting a lot of thought and a lot of preparation with our daughter before bringing her somewhere like this…”

After giving more detail, several users chimed in, noting that the OP shouldn’t even need to explain her parenting choices to strangers on the internet (true), and also pointing out that parents “leave” their kids with people for long periods more than we think about. Summer camp, anyone?

What parent is vetting every single high-school-aged summer camp counselor before sending their kid there for an entire day?

“People leave their kids with teachers for 7+ hours…if we can handle groups of 25-35 kids M-F, August-May, y’all can do it for a day. ✌️” one user wrote.

“Would be like a sleepover but in the day time,” another explained.

“I need to know what they were doing for 7 hours! That’s so long!” another said.

One other asked, “was it fun? we gotta know if she had fun!”

The OP replied, “Their backyard is really really beautiful. Hot tub, pool, zip line, lots of grass activities etc.”

And yes, her daughter had a blast!

“Update: Birthday party was a success! 12 girls total. Lots of cool activities throughout the day and I have one tired daughter 😍 she was well taken care of — also, everyone who said it was a ‘sleep under’ was correct!” she wrote.

Turns out, the OP had fun too! In a separate series of videos, she documents her awkward but hilarious time at the party when the host parents invited her in for a drink.

“The parents offered me a drink. Help,” she wrote in text overlay.

Wait, so they took her kid off her hands for seven hours and then offered her a drink? Where do we meet these kinds of people?!

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