Miniature car-builder Rakesh babu builds Porsche 911 [Video]

Car modification is completely illegal in India; however, we still have several workshops that engage in such activities. Many of these cars have been featured on our website as well. While we have a set of workshops that modify cars, there are others that convert regular cars into replicas. We have seen many Honda Civics being converted into Lamborghinis and Ferraris in the past. There is another group of people who create miniature versions of cars. Rakesh Babu from Kerala falls into this category. He has now built a Porsche 911 miniature electric model.

The video has been uploaded by Rakesh Babu on his YouTube channel, Sudus Customs. Rakesh has been working on this project for quite some time. The video shows how the car looks after it is finished. Rakesh became popular for making a working miniature version of the Volkswagen Beetle. He used a 2-stroke engine from a Suzuki Samurai. After this, he made many more cars and bikes. The Porsche 911 miniature is actually built for children and has been constructed in Rakesh’s garage. He used metal pipes to build the frame of the car, using a scale model of the Porsche 911 as a reference. Just like all his previous projects, Rakesh made sure that the car’s design looks exactly like the original.

After getting the frame and dimensions correct, he used metal sheets to make body panels. All these panels were cut at his own workshop. The front of the car looks very similar to the older generation Porsche 911. He took the headlamp cluster from a TVS XL100 and installed aftermarket fog lamps and angel lights in it. The wheels on this Porsche were custom made to resemble alloy wheels. The tires used on this car are from Aprilia. The suspension setup on this car is from a Honda Activa. As we move to the rear, the design starts to lose its essence. The car looks a bit too tall when compared to the 911. This was intentionally done to accommodate children comfortably. The roof has been chopped off, and the sloping roof line meets the rear engine cover.

Porsche 911 miniature

Surprisingly, the 911 miniature does not have an engine. Just like most of his latest creations, the 911 miniature also uses a 750W electric motor with a 48v battery pack. With fully charged batteries, the 911 miniature can be driven for 40-50 km. The entire car has been painted in a yellow shade, which looks extremely sporty. The vlogger also mentions that the power from the motor is sent to the rear wheels. The interior of the car has also been custom made. The 911 miniature features all-black rexine upholstery. There are switches to control the lights and the forward and reverse movement installed on the dashboard. The steering wheel is also a custom-made unit and it gets a leatherette wrap. This miniature model does look very clean and is definitely one of the neatest-looking miniature versions that we have seen to date.

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